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  • Druid Horde

    Didn't know where to put this so here ya go...

    Famous translations:
    Horde says '11 d d c', Alliance reads 'ha l l o'.
    Horde says '10 a a f d d o', Alliance reads 'ka g g a l l i'.
    Horde says 'f j f d 108 d', Alliance reads 'a n a l kil l'.
    Horde says 'j c 108 d', Alliance reads 'n o kil l'.
    Horde says 'd c d', Alliance reads 'l o l'.
    Horde says '27 11 11', Alliance reads 'mu ha ha'.
    Alliance says '17 13 34 3 1 p', Horde reads 'me lo ve y o u'.
    Alliance says '3 1 p 13 23', Horde reads 'y o u lo se'.
    Alliance says '3 1 p 12 2 ppp', Horde reads 'y o u re e vil'.
    Alliance says '3 1 p 12 11 2 ppp 41 12 11', Horde reads 'y o u re an e vil ko re an'.
    Alliance says '17 2 ppp', Horde reads 'me e vil'.

    Recent translations:
    Horde says 'c ™ ‚ f', Alliance reads 'o r t a'.
    Horde says '◃ c ◃ ð', Alliance reads 'z o z i'.
    Alliance says 'À 2 À', Horde reads 'k e k'.
    Horde says 'I c I', Alliance reads 'l o l'.
    Horde says 'I c ƒ 115', Alliance reads 'l o k tar'.

  • Druid Horde

    It works.. Look at me.. So Proud.
    No Kill 1.png

  • Priest Horde

    I'm not sure if it still stands... but didn't it use to be against the rules to try to communicate with the other faction on PvP servers?

  • Priest Horde

    Trying can't be against the rules. On the other hand, it's 2019 so you are probably right.

  • Warlock Druid Horde

    I prefer to talk to the alliance with sign language.

    alt text

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