<Moist> Classic WoW - CST - H - PVE/PVP - Casual (Raids Thur/Sat)

  • <Moist> PvE Horde NA Casual

    We are Moist, a collection of friends (and some significant others) having come together through the ages of playing WoW and still staying loosely in touch with one another. The goal is to find other fellow mature players with limited schedules wanting to make the most of a single organized raid night without the pressure to fully min/max. The core of us are laid back, mature players with busy schedules, but who have raided since vanilla.
    We are all excited for this release. For some it’s about nostalgia, for others it’s about experiencing classic for the first time. Regardless of why we are here we can all agree we are here to have fun. We are a casual guild but that does not mean we aren’t aiming to succeed. We want to create a comfortable atmosphere so we can all experience the game in a positive way. Play what you want, play how you want, play when you want. We are accepting and open to players of all types.

    Classic WoW relied heavily on individual and guild reputation. We will strive to make Moist synonymous with quality: quality players, quality attitudes, quality experiences. Anyone who encounters a member of Moist should leave thinking that we are knowledgeable, respectful, fun, and all around awesome!

    Members should have a desire to learn and share knowledge to improve the guild. Seeing as we will operate on minimal organized raid time it is important that members be prepared and prompt for raid. The goal is to at least be farming BWL and 20 player content and pretty much see what motivation levels are like beyond that. We run a loot council but we try to be fair and transparent as well. We’re looking for people to help share the responsibility of running our guild community rather than focus too heavily on progression.

    Raid Schedule:
    We are planning to run two separate raid IDs, one on Thursdays at 6 pm PST (9 pm EST) and the other on Saturdays 6 pm PST (9 pm EST), for targeting 40 player content. By having two raid groups, we hope to be flexible for people’s schedules while also providing a large player base for smaller group content. Other nights there may be optional 20 player content scheduled as interest dictates given the shorter lock out schedule.

    If you are interested and want to be part of our Discord for release day organization, then please message @GamesAndCheese#8355 or @Annora#3401 on discord or even a DM here on the WoW forums with a Discord username or your best contact method.

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    Are you guys planning on rolling on a pve or PvP server?

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    Id like to join your guild if you are goin pvp server. Sat raids work best for me

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    Sent a bnet invite, I'd like to jo8n lemme know
    Discord lmao_hax#4255
    Bnet foad666#1447

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