5 Tips to Get to Level 60 SAFER | Classic WoW

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    Well met! In this video, Bhelock and I go over 5 tips that you can use today to level safer in Classic WoW! These are important to stay alive as much as possible and prevent useless deaths, as dying generally translates into a less enjoyable time, lost experience and gold, and other sad repercussions!

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    For those that prefer to read, here are the 5 tips:

    Manage every pull safely

    • If you are leveling alone, you want to avoid fighting more than 1 to 2-3 NPC at the time as much as possible, as fighting more than that can be fatal if you don’t have an appropriate spec or set of gears.
    • And if you play a caster, you are just gonna hate your life; getting hit too often makes it pretty much impossible for you to cast spells and you end up taking a lot of damage while dealing practically none in return.
    • Melee classes have an easier time but still need to be careful.
    • In some cases, it’s going to be inevitable, you will face clusters, so you need to be ready to face more than 1 NPC as they will all come for you the moment you start attacking one of them.
      • But if you run away until the ones you haven’t damaged get reseted, you can now fight only the one you had damaged in a 1v1!
      • But be careful! Although he has a slightly bigger aggro range, do not run back too far as he can also reset.
      • Once you see that you are now in combat with the one mob you pulled, run back a few yards towards the center of the aggro range to insure that you are not on the edge.
      • Rinse and repeat!

    Be careful when fighting fleeing NPCs

    • Before you go on your leveling journey out in Azeroth, it is critical to know what the fleeing mechanic is.
    • Most humanoids will flee from you once they have reached about 10% of remaining health and they generally tend to go in the opposite direction that they were facing when attacking you.
    • Therefore, to prevent a tsunami of the Murlocs from stomping you, position yourself safely between the mob that you want to kill and his possible companions, while having your back facing those.

    Use your bandages properly

    • Alright so bandages are an easy and efficient way to heal yourself but you need to note some particularities.
    • First, once a bandage is used (either on yourself or an ally), it applies a 1 min debuff that prevents the receiver of the healing to be healed by other bandages.
    • And the debuff is applied as soon as you use the bandage, so even if you just manage to get 1
      sec worth of healing out of the full 6 or 8 sec duration, it will still affect you.
    • It is therefore better to use your bandages when you are sure that you will not get interrupted; damage from any source and CC, of course, will interrupt the channeling, so be careful when you use it in PvP as enemy players will be on the lookout.
      ![alt text](image url) - In PvE, it can be used efficiently in between NPCs or after you used a CC if you don’t have any dots on you.

    Always have food and consumables

    • Always carry at least 1 stack of the best possible food, that’s where cooking comes in handy, and have some consumables like scrolls, potions, elixir, etc.
    • And use them, don’t just keep them in your bags!
    • That way you will be prepared to face tough situations and therefore will reduce your chance to die, as dying can be frustrating and time consuming!
    • Also keep in mind that different buffs can stack together so you can really boost your stats to the next level to help you complete more difficult content.
    • But don’t forget that you will lose these buffs if you die, so do not go all out #Leeroy!
    • I know you have 2-3 rows of buffs, but they do not make you invincible!

    Group up and use world chat

    • This is really something I wish I knew when I first started playing, and not at level 50!
    • You can easily join the world chat by typing /joinworld; that way you can more easily look for party members to complete elite quests and other difficult content that is impossible on your own.
    • And you are not limited to the chat of the region you are in so you can reach people from all around Azeroth!
    • Leveling with other people is a nice way to get through your journey more safely as you leverage the skills of other players.
    • While an NPC is focusing your warrior, for example, your priest or mage can cast without getting hit constantly.
    • Just be aware that there are gonna be trolls no matter what faction you choose, don’t say I didn’t warn you!
      Stay tuned for other videos and content as this video finishes the Faster, Richer, Safer series!

    How are those working for you? Do you have tips of your own to be safer while leveling? We hope you enjoyed, and until next time, have a good one, and stay blessed!