Horizontal Progression as Increased Difficulty?

  • Initiate

    On a recent podcast the guys discussed different options with progression either horizontally with new content or on to subsequent expansions.

    I wanted to put an option forward that came to my mind whilst listening to get some general thoughts.

    I wonder if instead of introducing new content and -as Kargoz said- risk ruining what we know as Classic, how about there were some new tiered sets released which were obtained through increased difficulty versions of the classic raids?

    These could be tuned nicely to the meta with all the data that's going to be generated around how easily/quickly the classic raids are beaten.

    To me it seems a less invasive and risky option than introducing new content (which I personally would be up for) and could extend the raiding end-game and open up more possibilities of world firsts etc. Of course these would be released at the end of the planned content as to not interfere with the balance of any raid progression etc.

  • Shaman Horde

    This is a hard one to tackle. With a set amount of content the game will only have a set life span which granted should be years but what happens when almost everyone is clearing Nax what is going to keep the players logging in. I really think it will take new raids and content. But I don’t know what that will be yet.

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