<The Elder Council> Horde - PVP (Semi Hardcore Semi Casual) CST

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    <The Elder Council> | Horde NA PVP

    Throm-Ka!! Warriors of The Horde!

    The Elder Council is seeking honorable and proud members of the Horde to join our ranks!
    My name is Pohgren and I am the GM of the <The Elder Council> I have been playing WoW for just over 13 years now. I played heavily at the end of TBC and WOTLK. I stopped playing shortly after Mists. I have grown unhappy with the direction that retail has taken. I am looking to return to the game I fell in love with.

    Our Guilds Goals
    To be active in the community
    To be helpful
    To have the type of players that anyone can call upon for help.
    To be the foremost protectors of horde territory and those seeking aid.
    To have a place where our members can have fun and relax.

    Social member Requirements
    To have fun.
    Be kind and helpful.
    To help out the guild when you can or if able.

    Raider member Requirements
    The same requirements as the Social members.
    Having a selfless attitude is a must.
    Be able to make it to most raids. (80% attendants)
    Be willing to help out your guildies in any facet.
    Being an example of what it means to be in this guild and to be a member of the Horde.

    <Raid Times>
    CST evening and some weekend days.

    Raiding and World PVP are part of our end game mission, but not our main mission.
    We are looking to experience the game the way it was meant to be experienced;
    as a group of friends/family exploring the world of Azeroth and seeking adventure
    along the way. We will be a Semi Casual/ Semi Hardcore guild.
    We are not looking to do server first, but when we do raid we will do so
    effectively and efficiently.
    When we are not raiding we will be hosting a slew of community events.
    We would prefer those who have prior wow exp, but if you never played
    Classic it's all good we will teach you.

    If this sounds like something you are interested please apply.

    Link to Guild Application:

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    We are welcome to all members. Join today!!

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