<Midlife Crisis> EU-FIREMAW PVP/ Horde (Semi-Hardcore & Casual)(english lang)

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    getting long in the tooth? remember when games came on CD? Grown up a little, busy life, kids etc BUT>>>
    Still love to get lost in Azeroth???
    Then Midlife Crisis could be the guild for you!!

    Formed in 2008 from 3 vanilla guilds, for a serious crack at raiding with mature members who had real lives to manage too. Has been active ever since, currently on EU Kazzak. This long standing guild has stood the test of time through friendship, mature atmosphere and the perfect home for players who may not have the time for hardcore, but love to progress to the best of their ability.

    We always welcome new faces and the roster is mostly from Europe with representation from the USA and Middle east.

    In retail we raid 3x a week and consistently clear heroic and early mythic bosses, however Classic will be different. Firstly we plan to regain the original community spirit, welcoming people who want to play at whatever level of commitment they choose, running lots of dungeons and helping each other around azeroth. We have aspirations to raid, but there's no pressure, lets enjoy the experience first.

    PVP lovers will not be left out, we've always found time to form up and take on the BG's, spontaneous world PVP and ofc coming to the rescue of guild mates.
    Social members looking for a friendly home are also welcome.

    For the Horde!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/XpPbHQ8 (look for the classic category and sign up channel)

  • Priest Horde

    Def gonna have a look at your guild come classic.

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    @Roland will be great to see people from this community, also in the same guild πŸ™‚

  • Initiate

    I will too for sure !!!! Midlife Crisis ! You said it all ! an understanding group will always be better !!!!

    As I answered to a post of Roland, Gonna be horde with some friends here in Paris !!! Keeping an eye in here ^^

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    @Roland @Neloktar
    Current plan is to start on launch and then various groups party up and level to 10, then meet up in Org to found the guild. With all founders getting a special permanent note marking the historic moment. Estimate, if things run smoothly, it will take 4-6 hrs in crowded zones. Be great to get some screen shots to mark the occasion.
    When we know the servers, Ill post up here and on discord where we are. Since the EU will not have separate language servers, we can all land on the same one.

    Hope to see you there..

  • Initiate

    Nice one! I’m so excited about Classic... looking forward to level up my Tank πŸ˜„

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    As we get closer to launch, im hearing from more ex and current players who cant wait for classic.
    One of the vibes we'd like to see return is the co-operation and bonds between guildmates, it can be brutal levelling solo on a pvp server after L20, so we have now added a couple of channels to our discord to help out: "Looking for levelling partner" and "Kill on sight list", so people can find quest buddies and also the guild can come to your rescue from the gankers and campers in STV check midlife crisis out at https://discord.gg/3kz8aSs

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    Midlife Crisis will be formed on Shazzrah - EU - PVP server.

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    Its been great to see people join our discord and apply to join MC and mention they found us on classicwow.live , its without doubt the best community I have found so far (if the server discord channel is anything to go by!!)

    We are still welcoming more classic fans who want a relaxed, mature guild, raiding or casual pvp, we'll do both. Its impossible to tell right now how many of the existing retail players that come across, will stay for the long haul, so attracting dedicated classic fans is very important to us.

    as well as discorde we have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MCrisis/ and a members group https://www.facebook.com/groups/MCrisis/

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    Update on MIdlifeCrisis Guild recruitment

    At the last minute we followed Blizz advice and went to Firemaw Server
    Despite terrible queues people have found their way in and joined up, we have also met and recruited plenty of friendly classic lovers in game. The server atmosphere is great and the new people are from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, USA and Switz. We now have 67 members but continuing to recruit so we have people across the level ranges, which makes it easier to group up for questing and dungeons. Look forward to seeing you on FIREMAW

    PS: When we created the guild we had to drop the space in the name because an alliance Midlife Crisis had formed, needless to say they are all on our KOS

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