Warrior Whirlwind Weapon Guide

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    Greetings, Warriors! Melderon here.

    This video guide is designed to help warriors obtain their whirlwind weapons and will go through each quest in the chain as well as strategies that you may find useful. This quest is definitely not soloable at level

    The Whirlwind Weapons available are ilvl 40 items that are attainable as low as level 30 after you complete your Berserker Stance and Intercept quest chain in the Barrens. However, it will be nearly impossible to complete this by yourself at level 30. So, I would recommend grouping up with others, preferably a level 60 to get this done. Of course, you could attempt these quests at higher levels but the upgrade relevance provided by these weapons isn't as high.

    The Whirlwind Axe

    The Whirlwind Sword

    The Whirlwind Warhammer

    I personally prefer the Axe because of it slow swing time which is really synergistic with critical strikes, improving the power of each potential engagement. Also it will be synergistic with many talents and abilities including Overpower, Flurry, Axe Specialization, and many others. And if you are Hamstring kiting mobs, you'll want the most potential damage on each swing.


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    I you have any comments or pointers, please be sure to let us know below! I hope you enjoyed!

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