Sage 1-60 Alliance Leveling Guide

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    This alliance leveling guide compiles and transcribes the steps from the best speed run videos available on youtube combined with my own steps in a written form for everyone to follow and benefit from.


    Special Thanks

    Speed runners whose videos helped make this guide possible include Varrak, Xrewz, Bornlesszero and Judgement so make sure to check them out.

    It's taken many thousands of hours of work to put this guide together for you all and was a great learning experience for me.

    I hope you enjoy!

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    Excellent work! @Sage Would you like me to create a custom thumbnail for the main page for you? If so, let me know what you want it to look like

  • That would be amazing. I watch your guys videos and Livestreams all the time. Your thumbnails are usually great so if you can work the logo in at the top or bottom with some alliance or scenery badassery that would be perfect.


  • Initiate

    Nice guide my man, going to look into it, just a few questions (maybe just one), in those early levels where it overlaps, do i choose what i do myself? And does it impact the lets say doing 10-12 loch modan, then maybe going to darkshore and do 11-16, then head back to loch modan, do i just do the 16-18 step and skip 15-16? Sorry if it does not makes sense :3

  • Founder Priest Horde

    This guide is awesome man!! Horde guide next?

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    @Sage Which logo, the alliance logo or CWL? I was gonna do Alliance logo and something alliancey lol

  • @nemo It makes a lot of sense and is a good question. First thing to know is the guide is 95% finished but still being improved everyday. If you choose a starting zone you can follow the 'next >' links and you will have to make fewer choices overall. So I would recommend that. I just added a text color to the most efficient path based on your feedback to make choices simpler. Hope that helps.

    There are still a few decision points early on to allow players flexibility to meet with friends or adapt to busy zones. By the time you are level 20ish everyone is on the same track anyway :).

  • @Defcamp I'd love to say yes but unfortunately this one has taken about 8 months to develop so far and I can't commit to doing that again yet. I would use one of the many other great guides out there for horde at the moment.

  • Initiate

    Yea its always good to have other routes if something happens! It makes more sense for me now as well, thanks for the change!

  • Initiate

    Tried your guide it seems rather incomplete from the late 30's - 60, I assume this has to do with Varrak running on the darrowshire realm with the Burning crusade 30% extra xp quest hand in values? Good effort though.

  • Ya @yoyomyhorde , the vast vast majority of the guide is there. I'd say about 95%. There are a few gaps where other guides might tell you to grind that I'm actively looking for ways to improve at the moment without telling players to just grind or do a dungeon but I'm running out of content in the game so will have to resolve soon. There has been a lot of work put into a route that will work on classic including the entire zones of Swamp of Sorrows and Silithus, new quest lines that are efficient along the path, reordering of zones, and giving optional dungeons. Varrak's speed run was very helpful with efficient questing routes but as you mention the exp rates on that server were incorrect. If you notice any particular issues you'd like me to focus on feel free to send a suggestion to me on the site. Always looking to improve.