Blizz Forum Post [BUG] HIT TABLES

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    This forum post was something we talked about on my stream last night.

    It looks as if the defensive status and how they work maybe more or even less in certain areas. For more I would suggest reading the whole Post.

    Their have been several responses to it along with a few Blue Posts as well.

    I am interested to see what others think.


    ( Mirayne forum post creator quote)

    " Parry appears to be much too high (13.61% +/- 1.18%) for +3 mobs (no extra weapon skill) and is more consistent with parry values from later expansions. This conflicts with the 0.04% from old blue posts.

    Dodge (6.73% +/- 0.86%) appears to match later expansion values (wrath, see below). This conflicts with the 0.04% from old blue posts.

    Block (4.52% +/- 0.71%) appears slightly lower than expected. This conflicts with the 0.04% from old blue posts.

    Miss (8.41% +/- 0.95%) unfortunately isn’t enough samples to resolve between three prevailing theories on base miss chance for +3 mobs (8%, 8.6%, and 9%), but it’s encouraging that there isn’t a huge surprise here.

    Based on the base crit (4.49%) for the “Antlered Courser” test, there appears to be an additional crit suppression happening for +3 mobs beyond the expected 0.04% factor. For that test we are seeing a crit of 1.34% +/- 0.6%. Similar results were obtained for the Giant Yeti test, though slightly different due to different paper doll crit. ~3% crit suppression for +3 I believe was a feature of later expansions but was apparently not seen in vanilla according to any old sources.

    All of this leads us to the following questions:

    Is it possible that the creation of the 1.13 client led to some accidental setting of parameters from later expansions?

    Would it be possible to verify that the beta is behaving as intended, or misbehaving, by devs comparing to their 1.12 reference client? "

    ( Mirayne forum post creator )

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    Blizzard actually replied to this on the forums and confirmed that bosses have 14% parry and 6.5% dodge. This is a huge deal and was programmed incorrectly on all private servers. This is 8.4% higher parry and .9% higher dodge. This will send shock waves throughout the private server / classic community as it makes dual wield tanking much much harder - both in the ability for tanks to survive almost triple the amount of parry haste returned attacks and the ability to generate threat. 9.3% less landed attacks on the boss from these combined numbers make weapon skill even more important for TPS. Very interesting indeed.

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