NA | Paladin seeking Warrior, Warlock, or Mage | Alliance | PvP | EST | Hardcore

  • Initiate

    I have already taken PTO for the first two weeks of Classic and plan to eat, sleep, and play it until I hit 60, which basically means 16 hour days. My duo leveling partner needs to be able and willing to do the same.

    I have a day-one account that has been active almost the entire time. I was a guild master and raid leader in Vanilla, and earned the Knight rank in the Alliance. You do not have to have my level of experience, but you must know your class and leveling in Classic pretty well. Please take the time to review the relevant videos on Kargoz's channel to check your confidence level:

    Anyone interested in partnering up can DM me on Discord: CodeBleu#2733

  • Initiate

    I'm still technically in the market. Due to some philosophic misalignment with the leveling partner I had kind of settled on, I'm returning here to see if there may be any interested folks still looking.

  • Warrior Alliance Partner

    I almost replied to this 3 times yesterday and each time decided to hold off. Even though I had the full 2 weeks off from work there was still a lot up in the air (I dont have a guild yet, I want to avoid streamer servers, forcibly tieing myself to another person, will be be compatible?)

    That said I am totally down now (that the realm lists are released and there are actually only 3 choices)! I will message you on discord when I get home from work. I plan on playing a human warrior! Definitely would like to hang out for a bit to make sure we get along!

    Name Type Time Zone
    Faerlina PvP Eastern
    Herod PvP Eastern
    Thalnos PvP Eastern

  • Initiate

    Alright, folks, I think I've found my partner. Thanks to all the great people that messaged me on Discord. Made a lot of friends. 😉

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