EU Warrior seeking Priest/Shaman PVP Semi Hardcore/casual

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    Hey, Im 24-years-old Swedish and I absolutely adore classic wow and leveling 1-60 seems alot more fun to have someone to do it with. I want to play quite alot 2-3 hours a day and perhaps more but I would not want to level super fast because I like doing abit to many dungeons and level proffesions so if you want so speedlevel as fast as you can to 60 we´re probably not a great match :). Open to other suggestions than warrior + sham/priest. Im not 100% on what I want to play but I really enjoy tanking so id prefer to play a warrior.

    PM on Discord if you want more info or is interested Huzzah#5270

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    I think 2/3 hours a day is pretty hardcore. 🙂

    I would def buddy-up with you if it was 1/2 evenings a week.
    Then again, you are 24 and I am 42 so maybe in your eyes 6/7 hours a day 7 days a week is HC.

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    This post is deleted!

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