Dual spec needs to be in classic.

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    Please read to the end before you think or say anything.
    "It wasn't in vanilla" and "no changes" are not valid arguments since classic has changes anyway.
    Changing spec in vanilla was very expensive and capped at 50 gold.
    I would very much like to see dual spec as an unlockable feature once you reach lvl 60.
    They could even add a super long quest to it.

    We need dual spec to give us some added freedom in our game play, without having to pay 50g each time and start our specs from scratch again.
    Classes like warrior, paladin and druid really need dual spec as sometimes they may be needed to tank, dps or heal.

    But the main reason we need dual spec is for mages.
    Think about, they need to lvl in frost as they can't do MC or BWL in fire, but then as soon as they get to AQ they need to be in fire spec.
    If you need to raid in fire spec but love questing and doing pvp in frost then you're fucked.
    Also what about when your guild has MC/BWL on farm and is helping some newer players with it, are you expected to pay 50g every time you want to do each raid.
    It's just not acceptable.

    Pros and cons.

    Pros: Freedom to try a different and hop from a different spec to suit your needs and your groups/guilds
    Makes it fair for classes that may need to respec weekly, especially mages.
    It's quality of life for sure but it has virtually no negatives and doesn't impact classic in a way that could ever make it worse.
    They could make it super hard to earn to fit in with the vanilla experience.

    Cons: Removes a very expensive money sink, but there are plenty more so it's not really an issue.

    You must in some way agree with this, especially mages anyway, let me know what you think.

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    Of all the classes that would "need" dual spec, mages have to be among the least.

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    @Phayge But they must change spec in order to do mc bwl or Aq and naxx?

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    @Grimseethe just once. I could perhaps see your point but at that point you are so geared you should not need to respec to frost unless you are doing PvP competitively. You will have so much SP that you should be easily able to run through tiers 1 and 2 without respeccing. Remember, you can still cast frost spells. I see you're point though. I personally don't want it implemented into the game as its part of the game's design and wasn't implemented until Wrath or Cata. It's part of the role playing structure of WoW. As a Shaman, I would use it, not going to lie but I feel like it would have huge ramifications throughout the entire game. And the changes you are talking about are extremely minor compared to Pservers. some small QoL changes aren't that huge. I am only for gameplay changes that existed within the Vanilla timeline (i.e. 1.12 talents and itemization)

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    don't mind seeing the cost reduced to a cap of 10g per. but dual spec? no..

    Guess to elaborate with something, I agree that a 50g spec change is ridiculous, and that it actually hurts the game. I mean 100g to try/ experiment with a spec that you end up not liking and maybe screwing up so you change back for a raid.

    This has nothing to do with specific classes it effects everyone. hell, I was trying all sorts of survival spec stuff back in the day, the cost was just ridiculous to try.

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    I think the best solution is to reduce the respec cost to 10-20g. I think that would improve the game. We shouldn't punish players for being flexible and filling multiple roles in PvE, or enjoying both PvE and PvP and switching between specs often. With the high respec costs it seems like the people who are most engaged with the game are punished for it.

    In the end though it's not a huge problem if things stay the same. I can see Blizzard wanting to avoid changes like this, even if they are best for the game, simply because they want to avoid the slippery slope of one change leading into many changes and the disaster that could potentially happen as a result.

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    Absolutely not.

    If you're so concerned about how you're going to handle switching specs during Naxx content but you can't afford the respec fee, ESPECIALLY as a mage, oh well. You don't get to be the best at everything in classic (this isn't retail where you can swap in and out specs at will to suit the content you're choosing) - specs MATTER in classic, and we don't need to water down such a massive part of the original game just for player convenience... may as well lower the epic mount costs, make AQ book ranks trainable by default, and remove raid attunements while we're at it.

    Your time is valuable in classic and you won't be able to do everything the easy way always; sometimes you'll have to sacrifice PvP strength for PvE progression, or choose a different gold farming method because you just can't do it that way without being this spec. You're not the hero of Azeroth, you're just another person inhabiting the larger world. That's a big reason why classic is so great.

    And I know some folks won't get this, and that's okay. But the talent system of classic, as it was, is integral to the heart and spirit of Vanilla/Classic WoW.

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    There should not be dual spec in classic. The respec cost in classic should increase 2-3 times actually. It is a role playing game, you commit to your spec. you choice matters and your decision good or bad should affect your game play dramatically. that is what role playing game is about. if you want to flip flop and never want to commit to anything go play MOBA.

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    IF changes must be made, then (in my opinion) this is the best solution: Increase the character cap so that you can have PvP/PvE alts. I've made one of every available class on Alliance and one bank alt, leaving me with 9 characters and room for one more class duplicate (or to make a Shaman all by himself with no bank alt or other supporting toons). More characters per server would let you still play more stuff as well as having alts for classes with multiple purposes like PvE vs PvP specs as well as roles in those types of gameplay.

    You still commit to your characters and trying to change your commitment is still punishing, you just get more characters that you're allowed to commit to in order to experience more of Classic. More ability to roleplay, and so on. That seems to me to be the most in-vanilla change you could make unless you really really want to argue the case that also being limited to 10 characters is very integral to the Classic experience because of something-something scarcity.

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