Alliance Fishing & Cooking Guide (1-300)

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    About This Guide

    Fishing and Cooking is often looked at as something that is an absolute pain in the butt to level. If you don't know what foods to cook, and where to get the materials it can become an even bigger pain. That's why in this guide I show you the easiest way that I have found to level both of these secondary professions together simultaneously, and you can even have both completed by the time you reach Level 35.


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    Topics Discussed

    • Apprenticeship 1-75
      • Fishing Locations & Cooking Recipes
    • Journeyman 76-150
      • Fishing Locations & Cooking Recipes
    • Expert 151-225
      • Where to Purchase Cookbook & The Bass and You
      • Fishing Locations & Cooking Recipes
    • Artisan 226-300
      • Fishing Quest
        • Where to Get, How to Complete
      • Cooking Quest
        • Where to Get, How to Complete
      • Fishing Locations & Cooking Recipes
    • Fishing Poles and How to Get Them
      • Big Iron Fishing Pole

  • Druid Alliance Initiate

    Thank you for this. It was very educational and as a future alchemist very helpful.

  • Initiate

    I agree with above poster. Very educational! And you have a calm and nice voice to guide us 🙂