For the n00b: Getting Started in Classic (Part 1)

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    About This Guide

    This new series is designed for those who either never played Vanilla World of Warcraft in 2004-05, or who maybe did play it but were not on the Private Server scene and therefore need a refresher. It is also for those who are going to be taking a more casual approach to the game, so if you're trying to reach Rank 14 PvP, or World Firsts this isn't going to be for you.


    In Part One, I will give you my Top 5 (plus one bonus tip) things you should do when you first start playing Classic WoW. This is a tremendously large, complex and immersive game, and so the purpose of this video is to help get you started off on the right foot. Don't make the mistakes I and many others made when you roll that first Toon. So if you're a n00b when it comes to Classic WoW this is the video where you should start.

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    Topics Discussed

    • Research
    • Disenchant Alt
    • Learn Keybinds
    • Limit Spending
    • Secondary Professions
    • Slow Down

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    @Icosiol excellent work on these guides!

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    @Melderon Thank you! Hopefully I can help a few new players with this one.

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    quality! just subbed and shared in our guild social media, we have plenty of folks who need to see this!