Multiboxing in Classic: what, why, how

  • What is it?

    Multiboxing is playing several game characters at the same time. You run several WoW clients on the same computer and duplicate keyboard and mouse to all these clients.

    Why people do it?

    For fun and profit.


    You become a team lead - and your team is always online and always wants what you want.

    You can do hard things alone - kill elites, finish group quests, run instances.

    You can level quickly and joyfully (hard mobs are no more a problem).

    You can dominate in open-world PvP or revenge your foes.


    You can level several characters at once. No more painful choosing which class to play - play them all!

    You can farm much more gold (x2..x8 depending on group size and skill).

    Is it legal, free, require another account?

    In short: yes, partially, no.

    Multiboxing is absolutely legal. See official Blizzard answer.

    Multiboxing is partially free. You can try it for free in retail WoW since a WoW subscription is free until 20 lvl.

    Multiboxing doesn't require another account. You can have up to 8 subscriptions on your main account. However, to play Classic, you have to pay for them.

    How to try multiboxing?

    The whole setup will take about 15 minutes and requires 3 steps.

    Step 1. Make a second subscription.

    1. Go to your account subscriptions
    2. Click on "+create starter account" and make a new subscription.

    Step 2. Configure WoW client.

    Start the client using a newly created subscription (you can choose it in the launcher). Setup the following:

    1. Make assist-macro with text

    /assist Your-Main-Char-Name

    Remember to replace Your-Main-Char-Name with its in-game name.

    This macro provides your targets to the minion. You should use it after every target change.

    1. Make follow-macro with text

    /follow Your-Main-Char-Name

    This macro asks minion to follow you. You should use it before moving.

    1. Open "Main Menu -> Key Bindings -> Targeting" and bind "Interact With Target".

    This command acts the same as right-clicking. You should use it to send minion in the attack, loot a corpse, or interact with quest giver.

    1. Open "Main Menu -> Interface -> Mouse" and enable Click-to-Move.

    It makes the minion automatically run to the target after the Interact-With-Target command (if the minion is out of range).

    1. Install the "EMA" addon.

    It does many useful things: auto accept and complete quests, track quests and items, check following and XP, and much more. It dramatically helps to watch and control your team in the game.

    Step 3. Install the software.

    Now (2020), there are at least three good options.

    1. AutoHotKey or HotKeyNet - scripting languages.

    Pros: free and powerful.
    Cons: require at least basic programming skills.

    1. ISBoxer, professional multiboxing software.

    Pros: tons of features, good support.
    Cons: paid, long initial setup.

    1. Levelbuddy, minimalistic key broadcaster.

    Pros: no setup, free for non-professional use.
    Cons: only basic features, only for WoW (any version).

    If you choose AutoHotKey or HotKeyNet, you need to specify macros and IWT hotkeys to the scripts you use (both have predefined WoW scripts, which you should modify for your situation). Then run WoW clients via Blizzard's launcher, and run the script.

    If you choose ISBoxer, you should run a setup wizard, which allows you to configure the game, the team, windows layout, machine configuration (for virtualization), map the keys, set the characters, etc. Then run ISBoxer's launcher, and it runs WoW clients by itself.

    If you choose Levelbuddy, you need to bind the macros we created and IWT-command to Levelbuddy's predefined keys (F8..F12). Then run WoW clients via Blizzard's launcher and run Levelbuddy.

    Enjoy your first multiboxing!


    I tried multiboxing because I couldn't choose which class to level in WoW Classic. But besides faster leveling, I have opened a brand new side of the World of Warcraft. It's a very interesting and exciting experience! So I recommend you to try it and make your own decision.

    The links

    AutoHotKey, HotKeyNet.



    Addon EMA for Classic.

    The screenshot in thumbnail has been taken from

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