Saying HI from Will It Classic

  • Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to stick my head in real quick and say hi and encourage everyone to help build the best list of addons for Classic WOW!

    Will It Classic will be working alongside Classic WoW Live in trying to build a great community for developers and players!

    If you are an addon devloper please introduce yourself here in the Classic WoW Live forums. Share war stories and ask questions. Also, be sure to list your addon over at Will It Classic to help others discover your hard work.

    Players, be sure to list any addons you have run across or ask questions about addons.

    Just can't wait for launch!!

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    Thanks for being here, @NoobTaco. If you guys are looking for addons, be sure to head over to for your addons needs! you can easily find the addons you want and search using a clean interface!

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