<Clockwork> [OCE-PvP] [Horde] - {PvE Sat/Sun 1pm-5:30pm AEST + PvP} (Semi-Hardcore)

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    <Clockwork> OCE-PVP | Horde | Semi-Hardcore |

    Clockwork is a reformation due to the release of Classic WoW. We are an AU based PvE & PvP guild. We are looking to revive the sense of community we have had together in the past with our core of experienced officers and fresh new faces. Our focus is to be a competitive PvE and PvP guild. We have a long-standing history of completing all raid content at the highest difficulty; we look to continue doing so in Classic. Our officer core has dedicated PvP officers and PvE officers, several of which have been playing since vanilla, while the rest have been with us since TBC.

    Don't let that scare you though, if you're looking to level casually and socially, jump in discord. If you would like to join for PvE content and raid with us, you're welcome to apply. If you would like to join for daily PvP skirmishes to crush the alliance, mok'ra friend and LOKTAR OGAR.

    First Raid: 5 weeks after release
    Loot System: DKP

    Raid times:

    Sat - 1pm to 5:30pm AEST
    Sun - 1pm to 5:30pm AEST
    Optional farm night not planned currently, but not ruled out.

    PvP Skirmishes & Premades:

    Our rules and applications are available on our discord server, zug-zug and look!
    Well be working with other with other clans to bring glory to the horde and dominate world pvp and bosses.
    We would like to extend a welcome to EVERYONE who wishes to apply, not only hardcore raiders or PvP-ers. Please stop by your new home below, Blood and Thunder


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    This looks amazing mate, West Aussie here, looking forward to jumping in discord to chat

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