<Rise and Fall> (EU) Alliance Semi-Hardcore guild recruiting

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    We are a mix of Vanilla veterans, Arena/Rbg players and Mythic raiders. But most important we are all Classic enthusiasts. We also want you to know that once Classic is over this guild will move into TBC and continue raid progression there.

    We will be a semi-hardcore raiding guild with high precision and focus during raid times. Raiding twice a week for approximately 3 hours/raid (20:00-23:30 CET). While we are not raiding we will host PvP premades and dungeon runs/gold farming.

    We will offer a mature and focused raiding culture, with extensive expertise and precision. Our officer staff and leadership core has experience with most of WoWs content.

    We have high expectations to our raiders in terms of skill, raid-preparation and general attitude.
    Although we don't require you to have any previous Vanilla raiding experience we do require you to bring consumables/world buffs to every progress raid.
    We also require you to play the best spec of your class while in raids and in general minmax your character.
    We do accept social players in the guild, Classic wow is so much more then endgame raiding!
    From time to time we will host alt raids/social raids.

    We will offer a fun, helpful, respectful and overall great international community.
    To be able to have a mature and stable community we do require you to be at least 18+.
    Our goal as a guild is to clear all content in a fair amount of time, this will require alot of sacrifice from our raiders on non raid days (farming consumes/min maxing).

    We’ll be playing on a EU PVP server as Alliance.
    We hope you are interesed in joining our great community, to do so contact us on discord or make an application.

    At the moment we are recruiting all classes.
    We are always recruiting talented players regardless of class.


    Make an application: https://www.guilded.gg/r/En4R599anR?i=0mqg16L4

    Join our discord https://discord.gg/B5qcs2W

    Or message me on discord - Noflameofc#7434

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