Episode 4: A New Path Presents Itself (Short Story Character Series)

  • Episode 4: A New Path Presents Itself

    Two weeks have passed since Irions’ least honorable day of his life. Living conditions were harsh as he no longer possessed an income and was living on the streets, able to eat solely on the coin he had saved over his years as a guard. He had been questioned twice by the guard over the disappearance of the man he had actually murdered, a man he now knows is…was called Nero Royal, although his name meant nothing to Irion. But as he expected, there was no evidence to implicate himself and as such the guard were helpless to act. A feeling he knew all to well.

    Irions attempts at finding employment had proven tough. He was not well known, despite his debacle but found jobs scarce nonetheless, specifically because was unskilled aside from his time as a guard. So in the meantime, Irion spent his time studying magic again through written material available to any who possess the coin and affinity for it. Irion was not a prodigy of magic by any means, but he did understand the basics of materializing it for use, and what Irion lacked in natural talent he more than made up for in sheer determination, or perhaps just stubbornness. Either way, Irions’ lack of obligation gave him an absurd amount of time to dedicate to practice and study. With each day that passed Irion was closer and closer to being able to weaponize the arcane, although he was still a considerable ways off.

    “Damnit!” Irion yelled as his attempt to condense the arcane into his fist failed once again. He was unable to practice out in the open as that would draw far to many eyes and undoubtedly result in harassment and perhaps even a brief time in the stockades again. Instead, Irion practiced in the sewers, under bridges, abandoned buildings, and other areas that had little traffic and he made sure not to try anything to risky. Irion currently was inside one of these abandoned buildings, or so he thought it was abandoned. “You have been at it for days yet if you cannot create, build upon, and contain the pressure how could you ever hope to propel it?” A well spoken and confident voice echoed from the darkness afar. Irion was not in a good part of town, a consequence of the lack of traffic, and immediately pulled a dagger and pointed it towards the darkness of the building. “Whoever you are, I suggest you keep your distance. I am no longer the man I once was and will not hesitate to kill you.” Irion rasped threateningly. “Oh, I wouldn’t approach you if I thought you possessed that ability.” The voice laughed as a man stepped forth from the darkness, a young man although still clearly older than Irion with long blonde hair, wearing dark intricately designed robes that were not pristine by any means, but surprisingly clean given the current surroundings. Immediately Irion felt a cold chill envelope him, and a subtle feeling of fear gripped him, yet he could not understand why. This man was not normal nor was he to be trusted, and he was most certainly far more dangerous than he looked…that much Irion was certain of.

    “What do you want?” Irion stated, this time in a much less threatening tone. The man simply glared at Irion, making him feel uneasy. Irion scoffed and began walking towards an exit. “I have watched you for a few days now. I can see that life is hard for you currently is it not? Some unexpected events leave you a shell of your former self? Without means of retribution perhaps? Yet, here you remain…unbeaten, stubbornly clinging to the hope you can turn your life around with magic.” The man stated confidently. “Oh I’ve had my retribution.” Irion rebutted arrogantly. “I see.” The man replied, grinning profusely. “I am Leland. May I ask what you hope to achieve by learning the arcane?” Leland asked inquiringly. Irion stopped a few feet short of the exit and replied, “I am not entirely sure, perhaps a life as a mercenary, as a spellsword.“A dangerous job, one that doesn’t quite have a long life expectancy.” Leland stated. “A risk lessened by proper training and…” Irion said before being interrupted. “Ah yes, training! What if I were to tell you I could introduce you to a power beyond that of which you are currently failing at. A power that you could use to achieve this...mercenary life style that you seem so fond of, or any life you so choose at that.” Leland asked. “And what is it that you believe you could show me? Are you a master of the arcane?” Irion said mockingly.

    Irion was made to immediately regret this as before he could react a terrible creature made of what could only be described as darkness made physical lurched from the darkness grabbing Irion and slamming him against a wall. The mere touch of this creature sent images through Irions' mind, some of his own death in various ways, others of past offenses of disrespect. This seemed to happen almost instantaneously and left Irion unsure if he was terrified, or very pissed off. As Irion gasped for air through the strength of this creatures grip, Leland spoke. “I am a master of my own fate, a trait many wish they had but almost none possess the strength for it. My enemies are plentiful yet none would dare raise hand in my direction. I am what you could be, if you possess the strength of will for it.” Irion began striking the creature with his fists, who seemed completely unphased. “Release him!” Leland yelled as Irion fell to the ground in a coughing fit.

    Irion rose to his feet and looked over this creature, how its body moved and its eyes glowed, how this…thing…was the source of his unsettling feelings from earlier. How its mere presence could make someone weak at the knees. Irion was fascinated.

    Iron turned and looked sharply at Leland, the one who controlled such a powerful creature.

    “Show me.”

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