Gnomeregan Goblin Transponder Guide (Horde)

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    Greetings, Dungeoneers! Melderon here.

    This video guide will assist you in getting the Goblin Transponder, which will allow Horde players to teleport safely to Gnomeregan thereby bypassing having to run through Alliance territories.

    Gnomeregan has some excellent loot rewards and I'd argue it's definitely worth running for Horde players. This item makes the dungeon very easy to get to and only requires a very short and easy quest chain to acquire.

    You'll have to take Rig Wars to accept the quest chain to acquire the transponder but these quest rewards definitely make it worthwhile:

    Civinrad Robes

    Triprunner Dungarees

    Dual Reinforced Leggings


    Youtube Video

    I hope this guides helps more Horde players traverse this interesting and unique dungeon. Let me know in the comments below what you thought.

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