Mage solo run nearing the finish line!

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    Been doing hardcore solo mage on and off for about a year, just because I like making permadeath challenges for myself. Just recently found out it was a popular challenge, and then I found myself here.

    Past runs got as far as 41, but my current run is still alive at 48. You can watch at - though I haven't been using mic, just documenting my progress.

    While I haven't been grouping with other hardcore to run dungeons, it seemed boring to just grind to 60, so I've been completing whole zones, including elite quests, and except for Tharil'zun and the urns outside Uldaman, all before they went grey.

    A sample of the named elites killed as solo mage before quest went grey: Gath'ilzogg, Morganth, Morbent Fel, Eliza, Balgaras, Bangalash, Gorlash... I had Fozruk's kobolds handled and was mid-pull on him when a 60 decided to be helpful. Currently planning to take down Falconcrest, Mai'zoth, and have some ideas for Myzrael.

    I ignored Dun Morogh, Loch Modan, Teldrassil, Darkshore, Ashenvale, Stonetalon, and Desolace, but have otherwise cleared every quest that's possible for me. Started Ench/Tailor, then after wands and Azure set, am now Herb/Alch.

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