Melee Leeway stacking with Tauren reach?

  • First let me define some terms those who aren’t playing in Classic may not know.

    Melee Leeway is a buffer zone for melee opponents (players and mobs) to still be able to attack a moving opponent. As an example, you are chasing a mage. That mage just cast his instant snare on you, he doesn’t peel you so easy in classic, as he does on private servers. You have 2.5 meters of reach due to melee leeway.

    Also, hamstringing a mob to jump in and out of melee with it on your swing timer is considerably more difficult to do in Classic due to this same mechanic; rather than getting one hit on you, it’s still getting two while you attempt to disengage the hamstring, if you don’t change your tactics up some.

    Now, my discussion topic: a Tauren warrior (or hunter in melee) gets 2 meters reach in addition to the 5 everyone else gets. That means with melee leeway their reach is effectively double any other warrior on a private server. A Tauren is 9.5 meters range as opposed to 7.5. You can say that’s not very much and hardly worth mentioning but, well, you’d be wrong. It is. Especially in PVP.

    In fact, if this is proven true and melee leeway and Tauren reach do in fact stack I would postulate Tauren is the best warrior race to play, at least for PVP, well above others.

    Yes 30% stun resist as an orc is useful but in Vanilla there aren’t that many class abilities that are stuns. This is vs. grenades as well which is a huge bonus, still I feel that additional range on melee attacks will come in clutch far more often.

    Any thoughts on this?

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