Druid Flag Carrying - A WSG Jump Compendium

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    This is copied with permission.

    Written by Gin


    Often times druids are the most underrated class in vanilla and for good reason. They are the jack of all trades classes so they pay a huge hybrid tax but nonetheless the druid is in my opinion the most fun class from a PvP point of view. Because of the unparalleled mobility and the great toolbox, a druid excels at flag carrying in WSG which in itself is an exciting task if you play against decent opponents. Big improvements in skill can be achieved with the knowledge of certain jumps in WSG to get a positional advantage against the enemy team. Those jumps will enhance your flag carrier capabilities big times and are a helluva lot of fun. I did record all the jumps (that I know) as a form of documentation to prepare myself for the classic launch, but instead of keeping the recordings myself, I thought that it might be good idea to share them with you guys. Before we start I wanna get some things out of the way:

    This guide is mainly aimed at druids because for some jumps the movement speed of travel form is needed. For other classes the speed requirement can be substituted with sprint abilities or swiftness potions.

    All jumps are performed on the private server core of Light’s Hope. With a repack I was able to host my own server for practice purposes. All the jumps could be done in vanilla which can be seen in various videos from back in the day. Sadly it’s not confirmed yet, if we actually get the old WSG map with all the little quirks and jumps. I hope for the best because those jumps contribute to the PvP skill cap of the game.

    Furthermore all jumps are performed with the druid PvP set to gain the juicy speed boost for our animal forms:
    Superior Set
    Epic Set
    Wearing at least four pieces of the PvP armor is mandatory for flag carrying to boost our travel form from 40% to 61%.

    The jumps are all shown in a controlled environment without opponents. Besides learning the jumps themselves you need to be able to keep you composure and be able to land your jumps under pressure. This will come with practice and experience. Don’t be disheartened if you fail your jump and die with the flag. That’s part of the learning experience.

    To improve your jumps even further, make sure to unbind keyboard turning and keybind every single ability and any potions or gadgets so you’re able to switch forms on the fly and quickly use whatever spell fits the current situation. Here’s my UI on Light’s Hope as an example:


    The jumps I’ll list further down in this post are only the ones I’m aware of, which means the list is not 100% complete. Please feel free to add your own jumps in the comments below so we can improve the list together.

    Please don’t post something like “This is an exploit and should be banned” or some other nonsense. This is not a place for a discussion about this.

    I will not show any jumps that let you start the game early (jumping over the bars) or put you in an completely unreachable spot.

    Lastly I wanna apologies for the mediocre video quality. I first recorded the jumps in 1080p only to find out that my upload speed is horrendously slow, so I needed to rerecord the jumps in this quality to be able to upload them in a timely manner to youtube.

    Now let’s get started with the jumps:

    Horde Graveyard Jump

    Youtube Video

    Notes: This jump is rather tricky at first but gets more easy with practice. You need to aim your jump so that you land before this crack in the wall.


    From there you need to jump immediately again but make sure that your angle doesn’t hug the wall too tightly.


    After that you need to fiddle around a bit to get up the last bit because the collision is rather wonky. You’ll understand what I mean when you try those jumps yourself.

    Little side note: If you have some time before grabbing the flag or while running you can chug some Noggenfogger Elixir to get the slow fall buff to make this jump a helluva lot easier as seen here:
    Youtube Video

    I love going for this jump to avoid the enemy team. Most people do not expect the druid to go graveyard side instead of ramp or tunnel because they don’t know that we can jump up there. But don’t overdo this route. Rule Number 1 for flag carrying: be unpredictable!

    Horde Tunnel Entrance Jump

    Video example:
    Youtube Video

    Notes: Not too difficulty of a jump but immensely useful to juke your opponents. Just make sure to practice enough to make the first jump up the pillar and then on top of the lower roof in one fluid motion. Being quick with your movement is key for your survivability. After you’re on the lower roof part, you can chose to either stay there to hide from the enemy or (like shown in the video) jump over the second pillar to the upper level of the horde base. If you chose to go to the upper part you need to be aware of the finicky collision as well, but like with the graveyard jump it’s best tried by yourself so you understand what I mean.

    Horde from Graveyard to Tunnel Roof

    Video example:
    Youtube Video

    Notes: This is pretty much the Horde Tunnel Entrance Jump in reverse. The main obstacle are the two groups of spikes alongside the fence. The first group can easily jumped over but the second one is a bit difficulty. You need just the right angle and you need to mash jump after your first jump to bypass them in a decently quick manner. If you don’t get the jump you either hit an invisible wall so you can try again or you’ll fall down. If you fall, no worries, you can use the Horde Tunnel Entrance Jump to get to the desired tunnel roof without a problem.

    Horde Hiding Spot Number 1

    Video example:
    Youtube Video

    Notes: Pretty straight-forward jump as well. Just keep jumping against the space between the pillar and the wall. Great hiding spot especially against rogues because they can’t stealth to your back without you noticing them first, which gets you a great opportunity to Faerie Fire them. If you wanna be extra sneaky you can get around the corner after you climbed the pillar and use Noggenfogger Elixir to shrink your size. This makes it even harder for the enemy team to spot you without a priest with Mind Vision. But be careful while trying to squeeze yourself around the corner. Especially as a tauren with their big hitboxes it is pretty easy to fall down. Relevant Video:
    Youtube Video

    Horde Hiding Spot Number 2

    Video example:
    Youtube Video

    Notes: This is not really a hiding spot per se. You pretty much “hide” in plain sight. But you are immune to melee attacks because they can’t reach you without some form of movement speed and a precise jump. On the flip side casters can blow you up because you have no way to LoS them without leaving your safe space. So this spot is a bit gimmicky but can be used from time to time. At least you’re near the graveyard so reinforcements can roll in immediately after the rez.

    To make this jump on the vehicle you need to have at least a 50% movement speed increase and you need to aim at the lowest spot of the cargo area.


    Alliance Graveyard Jump

    Video example:
    Youtube Video

    Notes: What I like about WSG is that both factions have access to the same type of jumps so there is no big inherent imbalance. This jump is the equivalent of the Horde graveyard jump. It looks pretty intimidating at first and it pretty much is if you only eyeball the angle and do a Hail Mary jump. I did some tests and found a decent setup so you can make the jump ten out of ten times. First you run up the little green path between the two hills as much as possible. Then you turn to your right (with your right mouse button, no keyboard turning please) until you see this tree stump which will be our point of reference.


    You need to align the right edge of your screen with the right part of the tree stump as seen here (not too precise).


    Now that you got the angle right, you just need to jump straight forward and should land at the right spot. After that you turn to left so you face the hill dead on. Then jump in place. At the apex of your jump hold forward to get some forward momentum to make the second jump. After you made the two jumps up the hill, you (again) need to fiddle around a bit while walking up because of the wonky collision. This jump is great for you alliance druids even if it looks a bit riskier than the horde version. Try to learn the setup and you should be in a good spot in no time. Looking beyond druids, this jump is neat for all classes because you only need a precise angle and no further movement speed.

    Alliance Tunnel Entrance Jump

    Video example:
    Youtube Video

    Notes: The alliance version of the Tunnel Entrance jump. This jump is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. You just need the right angle when trying to run up the roof. It can bit annoying at first but nothing major. In the video I show you the version where I drop down to the lower roof level. In my opinion this is an even better resting spot than the horde version because it’s a bit harder to drop down there. If you don’t want to drop down to the lower roof, you can use this jump to quickly get to the alliance graveyard and into the base.

    Alliance from Graveyard to Tunnel Roof

    Video Example:
    Youtube Video

    Notes: Not much to say. It's an easy jump and great hiding spot, especially if you’re horde. You can snag the flag and jump down there to wait for the arrival of your reinforcement if needed.

    Alliance Berserk Hut Jump

    Video example:
    Youtube Video

    Notes: A cool little hiding spot but the jump can be a bit awkward. I’m pretty sure that you need at least 50% movement speed to make the jump and reach the edge of the roof. It's a great place to catch a breath against melee classes. Be wary that the collision of the roof itself is rather wonky (drinking game: drink a shot of Gin every time you read the word "wonky" - please don't die!) so be careful to not accidentally fall down.

    Alliance Fence Jump

    Video example:
    Youtube Video

    Notes: This is the first jump that you can’t consistently make with the tauren hitbox (at least as far as I know) hence I show the jump with a NE druid. It’s a great jump for Alliance druids to leave the competition in the dust. It's not too useful for tauren druids because you mainly come from the other side, so it’s no big deal that we can’t cross the fence easily.

    To make the jump you need to aim between the two tendrils as seen here:


    Then you just continuously jump forward until you make it. I’m pretty sure there are more fence clipping jumps around for Alliance but I don’t really know them because I play Horde only. Again feel free to chime in in the comment section below.

    Alliance Reverse Fence Jump

    Video example:
    Youtube Video

    Notes: Alliance Fence Jump from the other side of the fence. This jump is more usable by tauren druids as well. It's great for Horde druids to quickly get away from the Alliance base. To make the jump you first need to jump against the stone pillar.


    After that keep holding forward. Turn to the right and spam jump while still holding forward. When you face the pillar nearly head-on, you will notice that you moved a slight bit upwards, which is the sign to turn back so you're parallel to the pillar again. Then you can finally jump over the fence to freedom.

    Thanks to Abihaj from the PvP discord for showing me this jump.

    I hope you enjoyed this guide and learned something new. At the end I wanna give a quick shout out to Storm who is a great druid flag carrier. His videos inspired me a couple of years ago to pick up the vanilla druid. You can check out his youtube channel right here:
    And you can see some awesome flag carrying action.

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