SEO Strategies After Google December 2020 Core Update.

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    Google rolled another broad core update on December 3, 2020, and as we expected, it had been an enormous update. The last broad core update was May 4, 2020, so we waited nearly seven months between updates. I’ll explain more about why the time between updates is vital soon.

    Each case is exclusive and provides a stimulating view of how these updates impact certain sites and how site owners responded. I’ll also end each post with tips and proposals for site owners impacted by the December update (or any broad core update for that matter).

    Here may be a quick table of contents if you would like to leap around to a selected part of this post. I like to recommend reading it from start to end to know all of the contexts about broad core updates, but I understand that everybody is brief on time.

    Google is watching many factors with broad core updates and over an extended period of your time. They need to repeatedly explain this and share this often on Twitter, in presentations, in my blog posts about core updates, etc.

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