Alliance/NA/PVP: In Need of 11 More Washed Up Gamers

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    Who we are: <Birds Of A Feather> (Alliance/NA/PVP) is guild made up veteran MMO players who have been playing MMOs for well over a decade. We’ve played several games and have done some of the highest content in those games. We’re now hoping to tackle Classic WoW as it is a game that was near and dear to our hearts in our younger years.

    What we are looking for: Someone who is dedicated. We require 80% attendance otherwise you may be subbed out. We understand things happen but just don’t make a habit of it. Someone who can raid on Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 7PM/8PM EST to 10PM /11PM EST. Someone with a good attitude, doesn’t rage, and doesn’t complain. Someone who is willing to help others and is team-focused and not individual focused. Someone who is competent, willing to learn, and ask questions if they don’t understand so they can do it right.

    How we operate: As stated above we will be raiding two days a week from 7-10PM EST on Tuesday and Thursday. As for loot we will be running Loot Council. The team will decide how to distribute loot based on several factors including (but not limited to): Attendance, performance in raids (Moreso your ability to listen and do mechanics as opposed to pulling high numbers.), what you contribute to the guild (helping other players, crafting/enchanting things for people, etc.), and just helping the guild in general.

    What we are recruiting: Healers: Pallies & Priest, Ranged DPS: Mages & Locks , another DPS War.

    You can contact me on discord @ frail_#3482

    P.S. If you're over 25, played vanilla and are looking for a place to call home - hit us up.

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    Added on discord, if you are still recruiting. Give me a shout!

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