The Paladin Spells - An Analysis | Classic WoW

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    Great t’ meet ya! In this video, I go over all the Paladin spells to give us a better idea of how much it costs to train all of them. And to keep things into perspective, I went with 3 different scenarios: low budget, intermediate budget and total cost.

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    For those that prefer to read, here is a summary:

    The Low Budget:

    This scenario only takes in consideration the important spells that a Paladin will need to solo his way to level 60. Obviously with the nature of the class, when soloing, it is not necessary to have all the auras and blessings available as you can only have 1 up (per Paladin) at the time anyways. Therefore, this budget will only focus on the most important blessings, auras and seals, along with other spells, such as your healing spells (which should always be maxed out at any given time) your damaging spells such as Hammer of Wrath and so on. If you plan on soloing or spending as little gold as possible on your spells to keep the extra until level 60 or spend it on new weapons, armor pieces or resources to level your crafting profession, then this scenario is probably for you.

    The Intermediate Budget:

    This scenario takes the important spells in the Low Budget but also gives you more flexibility and options. This one is tailored around duo leveling or group leveling as you can leverage your many different situational spells to buff your allies according to their needs. In this scenario, your horizons expand as you can get a lot more bang for your bucks as more people can benefit from your spells. It is especially true when it comes to auras; the efficiency of an aura can easily be doubled or tripled for the same base cost. If you plan on leveling with friends when Classic hit, then definitely take a look at that one, as it will give you an idea of the price range that it will require.

    The Total Cost:

    As the title says, this is how much it will cost you to buy Every. Single. Spell. From Devotion Aura at level 1 all the way to Greater Blessing of Wisdom and Might rank 2 from the tomes in Dire Maul, this scenario covers everything. It gives a better idea of how much a player will need to spend to acquire all of his spells at level 60. Note that talented spells, such as Consecration, Seal of Command and co. are not taken into exact consideration as it is going to be different for every player, but the total cost is rounded up at the end to simulate the extra cost. A typical Paladin player should expect to pay the shown total cost +/- 1-2g.

    Do you have an idea of the total cost? If not, definitely check out the video to get your answer!