<Jaded> |NA-PvP| EST/CST [H] {PvP/PvE} (Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore/Progression/Casual)

    Looking to Fill Class Officer/Raid Leader
    We are a layered Guild

    Community: Everyone outside of the guild that has joined The Horde (4 guilds, 100+ members total, multi-guild alliance) and has interaction access to our guild, and vice versa!

    Casual: Requirements: None, plays for fun
    RT: Sat/Sun 8-10 PM CST (If we get enough for a 40 man raid team)

    Casual+: Casuals who want to apply themselves to the guild by way of farming resources, maxing out a profession etc

    Progression/Semi Hardcore: Requirements: Wants to raid, and applies themselves to farming/BiS grind to a progression extent, and understands that this is not BFA.
    RT: Wednesday, 6-8 PM CST (Until AQ, then Longer/more days)

    Hardcore: Requirements: Players who want BiS, apply themselves more than any other and want a fast paced Raid Team
    (Combining hardcore with progression until we get enough to make just a Hardcore Raid Team to accommodate a Faster Pace and Higher Intellect)

    PVP: Duh

    Hardcore PVP: Requirements: People who strive for rank 14, and join the BG Team
    QT: Every Day, 2 hours minimum

    There will be no rules/restrictions, freedom of speech/actions, no bullshit, just community, No FUCKING snowflakes

    Because it's layered, players who find themselves changed don't have to leave the guild to join a guild that is their new playstyle because we cater to all playstyles, and because we are apart of The Horde, should their raid times change they don't have to leave their friends, they just join a different Horde, and stay in the same community.

    Ask me questions with a PM. We play a private server for practice
    If you are looking to join The Horde as a Guild, the Multi-Guild Community, PM me
    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdnJC2jDrpzKhs4ciUS3nDnN4BuXN1TncyJb5ZwHwToCW23tg/viewform APPLY HERE

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