Are World Buffs an Exploit?

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    In this video, I give my opinions why allowing world buffs in raids would severely negatively impact the endgame PvE experience in Classic WoW. Let me know if you agree or disagree.

    Special thanks to @Taladril for writing the vast majority of this script.

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  • Shaman Horde

    @Melderon I had not really thought about world buffs like this before, I did not raid in vanilla and I have not raided on private severs. I would have to say I would have to agree with your point of view. I don’t think blizzard intended from the buffs to be used this way and I would hate to have to not play my main toon just because I had to have these buffs up to raid. I would hope your idea of not allowing them in raids is implemented, but I can see there being a lot of push back from some groups of players.

  • Druid Alliance

    It's definitely a divisive topic but I worry that if the buffs are left in they will do far more harm than good and everyone will see that. Hopefully blizzard will realize sooner than that how it hurts the game.