Unarmored Mounts Petition on facebook

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    Im a member of the facebook group World of Warcraft Classic and today saw a post with a link to a change.org petition to include Unarmored Mounts in classic. There is a very mixed response in the comments and my personal opinion was "no" however regardless of the subject, even if it was a valid idea, I would be more concerned about changes brought about by petitions. (im sure Blizzard wouldn't do this, but lets go with it for the sake of debate).
    Its not even democratic as they do not ask for an opinion, as you would in a vote, so unless there is a counter petition, there is only one option with so far 350 people signing it.
    Imagine if this kind of lobbying had an effect, there would be one petition after another until the game morphed into BFA!

    Im certain its not going anywhere, but interested to know how people view this kind of activity popping in places like social media. I know there is a genuine community here but is it possible the game is over-hyped and the genuine vanilla fans are swamped by people who do want change.....?

    finally; im aware theres some kind of voting process in runescape and I see people referencing it, hopefully it does not creep into our game.

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    They were only "cool" because most people upgraded them the the nicer looking mount. If they do it this time around they won't be rare, so they won't have the same rarity.

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    I personally don't get why people don't want them included if they were in the game. I mean, personally, I don't care either way. But I am interested in understanding the "no" crowd

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    @ReverendChris To many, many people they are cool just because you want to see yourself in one over the other options. Both unarmored raptor mounts look amazing, as well as the Palomino and some of the other mounts. My first toon in 2004 was an orc and the first time I got to Senjin Village and saw the raptors, I wanted the Ivory and the Mottled raptors so bad that I logged off and rolled troll. Of course, I was a very slow leveler and not a focused gold grinder so I didn't get to buy one before they were removed, but I was very bummed out, and it's not because of rarity. I even preferred the Black War mounts even though in TBC everyone had them because you just spent some honor points on them.

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    @Lammy Spell batching was implemented without even a formal petition, just from people talking about it. Blizzard can be convinced, but their stance on unarmored mounts seems to be that it will incentivize people to rush leveling. Which in my opinion is a really bad decision, and there's many solutions to that, including just keeping them available always instead of removing them, or just removing them later into the cycle than they originally were. They seem to have kept the old cost system (somewhat) with expensive mounts and cheap riding, which was changed when unarmored mounts were removed, and it doesn't make sense why they'd do that change yet not allow people to obtain something that is purely cosmetic and was obtainable in vanilla.

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    good points @Phayge

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