Lore of the Scarlet Crusade

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    In this video, I go over the rich history of the Scarlet Crusade in WoW:Classic. I hope you enjoy!

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    Hi, I’m Tommy Maze. I’ve been playing the Warcraft series since 1995 and World of Warcraft since 2005. In that time I’ve enjoyed exploring the game in all of the different facets of World of Warcraft, from PvP, Economy, Raiding, Guild Leading and Lore. I love exploring what makes wow great from playing fundamentals, tips, tricks, and strategies. I am looking forward to expanding the universe for New players and old players alike through lore videos and everything after that, but at the end of the day, it’s about having fun with the people that enjoy the same things as you. I hope you enjoy my channel and I can’t wait to play classic!

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