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    Well met! In this video, I go over the 3 most important things I learned during the 48 hours of the Stress Test. The importance of not being alone on launch day is put forward and so is a lowkey awesome skinning grinding spot that can make you tons of gold early!

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    For those that prefer to read, here is a summary:

    So during the 48 hours of the stress test, I spent most of my time leveling in Dun Morogh and the main thing that I learned is that you will need find alternative routes and tactics when Classic hits. If you plan on playing on day one and want to achieve as much as you can, definitely make sure you always have a plan B, C, D, etc. Because I did some preparation for the launch and thought I was prepared for this, but it turned out that I just wasn’t.
    Just to give you an idea, think about the very first quest you have to do in your starting zone, in my case it was to kill some wolves for their meat, well, I never completed it. Simply because the ratio of players to NPCs was just waaaaay too high. So to not waste my time and just stay there to wait for them to respawn, I ran around the whole starting zone, picking up other quests and killing everything I could find. And even once I got out, the famous Beer Basted Boar Ribs quest, the Evershine one, etc. were all heavily contested. So if I could give you 1 important advice, it’s to know your quests in your starting zone like the back of your hand. That way if you skip a quest here and another one there, then you’ll know how much exp you missed and where to farm it and if other chain quests won’t be available to you.

    This brings me to my second point: find people to group up with. This is especially true if you are a melee class as it will be hell to tag mobs at lower levels if you compete with casters and Hunters that can easily snipe NPCs from you at the last second. Grouping up will not only help you and your teammates to fill in the gap of your main weaknesses, but it will also allow you to cover more ground and be able to tag mobs much more easily.
    On my Paladin, I grouped up with 3 other people to grind in the Grizzled Den, the cave where all the Wendigos are, and I was effectively tagging mobs and bringing them back to the casters who were blasting them down. By being able to tag your mobs more easily, your group will be able to get ahead or at least not spend 30 mins on a killing quest.

    The next thing I realized while playing is that grabbing your gathering profession early can make you a LOT of gold on launch day. The detour to Ironforge or your respective capital city will be greatly rewarded if you can get most of the herbs, ores or leather. This is especially true if you plan on rolling a Hunter or a Rogue in Dun Morogh, so hear me out on this one.
    During my grind in the Grizzled Den that I just talked about, you should’ve seen all the Wendigo corpses that were just waiting to get skinned. We were at least 15 players, if not more, in that cave just killing EVERYTHING that we could see, so imagine if you were just there to skin. You weren’t in competition with anybody as I think I only saw 1 skinner during the full 40 mins I was in there so it was a GOLDEN opportunity to level up those skills.
    And you know how sometimes other people do not loot their Boars or Wolves because the loot is pretty bad, well that just won’t happen, as the Wendigos drop gold and other valuable loot, therefore players will be looting them empty everytime. If you can get a group formed on launch day, you will definitely make tons of money early on with your Skinning profession, and even more if you also take leatherworking as you’ll be able to convert your leather scraps into leather.
    So keep that in mind, I’m pretty sure you know a similar example that can apply to your starting area, but The Grizzled Den is lowkey a great spot to farm at the start of a fresh server since it funnels lots of players!

    That brings my to my last point, which is more in relation with my last video. In the video where I go over all the Paladin spells to show how much money it costs to train your spells and how much you can save by only buying the ones you need, I took numbers from the private server I played on before, but I wasn’t sure if they were 100% accurate. But during the Stress Test, I made sure to check and the numbers are in fact, 100% accurate. Therefore, my previous video can be used as a valid resource for the Paladin’s spell costs and the numbers you were used are still the same.

    So that’s all I had to say about my experience on the Stress Test, but i got to say having this opportunity really increased the hype by 10X for me and I really can’t wait to play on August 27th. For those that didn’t get the chance to get in, don’t worry, I’m sure you will have your chance soon, and I’m pretty sure we will have at least another stress test before the release. So I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for my next mini series on the Paladin’s blessings that I’m sure you will enjoy. So until next time, have a good one, and stay blessed!

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    This sounds about right especially for the more poplar races. I made a Tauren and it was smooth sailing up to the last quest in the starting zone. However, when I went to make my Troll priest, oh boy. It was a nightmare. So many people in the zone that I just ran around looking for non quest mobs. Thanks for the video.


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    @MooMoo Thanks for the feedback, it is indeed a big advantage for Night Elves and Taurens as their strating are isn't crowded as much. But even there, knowledge of your starting quests and alternatives will greatly help you!

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    The section about visiting your capitol city for professions is smart.