10 Goldfarms to do while Leveling in Classic

  • Video

    So I've made a video about 10 Gold farms you can do while leveling in Classic! The Gold farms have a variety of steady gold income which is great at launch + a chance of dropping lucrative items like pets or twink items you can sell later on. Feedback is greatly appreciated - if you know any other good farms let me know!

    Youtube Video


    The Farms in the video:
    0:48 - Duskwood (Grave Moss)
    2:01 - Stonetalon Mountains (Elemental Fire)
    2:56 - Wetlands (Crimson Whelpling)
    3:45 - Swamp of Sorrows (Emerald Whelpling)
    4:50 - Stranglethorn Vale (Fused Wiring)
    5:29 - Arathi Highlands (Burning, Cresting, Thundering Charm + Elemental Fire/Water/Air)
    7:12 - Badlands (Dark Whelpling)
    8:19 - Tanaris (Vendor items + Skinning + Random Drops)
    9:26 - Felwood (Essence of Water)
    10:28 - Winterspring (Winterfall Firewater, E'ko + Random items)

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    Thanks for this, have you considered a version for horde zones?