*Guts N' Glory* [Horde] | ***NA-PVP*** | RaidZ = *TUES-THURS* 8pm-11pm **PST** | Semi-Hardcore / Creative | ***Lootcouncil***

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    Intro: Guts N' Glory is the next iteration of a unique approach to guilds. The GM was a hardcore player in Vanilla and has already cleared most content available when the game initially existed, private servers not included. We will strive to instill a love for the game in veterans and new comers alike. The guild is competitive and driven, but also creative and collaborative. No server-firsts or other guildly competitions here, so expect a more tempered pace with us.

    Member Expectations: For interested parties, please join our Discord channel and begin the recruitment process to learn more about what is expected of members. To shed some light on the subject, these are our guiding principals as a guild:

    Positivity | Inclusivity | Learning | Teamwork | Progression | Creativity


    Monday: NO
    Tuesday: 8 - 11 PST
    Wednesday: 8 - 11 PST (contingent upon content and progress)
    Thursday: 8 - 11 PST
    Friday: NO
    Saturday: NO
    Sunday: Probably No


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    Interested but your link is expired.

    Discord: Jigs#1374

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