Verigan's Fist Guide for Paladins

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    Greetings, warriors of the Light! Melderon here.

    This video guide will assist you in getting the Paladin-only weapon, Verigan's Fist!

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    This is an ilvl 31 weapon that is attainable by Palainds as low as level 20 via a class quest. Like the Whirlwind Weapons in warriors, I definitely recommend getting this weapon as early as possible so the upgrade is even more powerful. Many of the quests in this chain can be soloed but other quests require entering 5-man dungeons to complete. In my experience, forming a group with other Paladins is much more advantageous as they will likely wish to get these quests done to get this fantastic reward!

    Thank you for checking out the guide! If you have any questions or concerns, let me know in the comments below.

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