Hype over?

  • Priest Horde

    Hey guys,

    Dutch (EU) player here. Have you also felt the hype slipping through your fingers? I can't even get myself to watch new Beta streams from the Wonderfull guys over here.

    It is just taking to long, and the things Blizzard is doing aren't all that great. Oh and of course Blizz seems a bit more focussed on US then EU and Streamers instead of veterans. All in all, it saddens me to lose interrest in Classic.

    Should I taken a second look at myself, or are there more people having this feelings?

  • Druid Horde

    No hype loss over here. I have had no beta access, limited time to play the stress tests.. I can't wait come Aug

  • Initiate

    Nah man, hype isn't dying down at all.
    We're just all quiet because the hype is a feedback loop where the more vocal we are about how excited we are the more the hype builds until it's unbearable so we're laying low.

  • Warlock Druid Horde

    I'm still working with people and coordinating guilds and such. I'm not playing Privates right now, though. Can't wait until August 12th.

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