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    Hey what’s up everyone, welcome to another video. In this one we will go over 2 completely different blessings compared to the last ones, as they have many characteristics that differentiate them. Of course the 2 blessings are Blessing of Protection and Blessing of Freedom, so let’s get right into it!

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    For those who prefer to read, here is a summary:

    Blessing of Protection

    Let’s start with Blessing of Protection, the famous BoP that immunes an ally from all physical damage for its duration. This blessing is available as soon as level 10 as a Protection spell obviously and is bought for 3s.

    This rank 1 BoP costs 25 mana to use, has a 30 yards range, is instant cast, has a 5 min cooldown that can be reduced, protects the targeted party member from all physical attacks for 6 sec, is categorized as a holy spell, grants the invulnerable mechanic and is of a magical dispel type. This blessing has 3 ranks in total, with rank 2 being available at level 24 for 50s, and rank 3 at level 38 for 1g60s. Each rank increases the mana cost and the duration of the immunity by 2 sec, up to a total of 10 sec at rank 3.

    What makes this blessing unique is that it also causes Forbearance, a debuff preventing the target from receiving any invulnerability from Divine Shield, Divine Protection or Blessing of Protection for 1 min. Now when you use it to buff an ally, the Forbearance debuff doesn’t really matter as BoP is the only invulnerability that they can receive and its cooldown is much longer than the debuff anyways. It gets more important when you buff it on yourself as, in this case, you cannot use your Divine Protection or Divine Shield for 1 min, but we’ll get back to this.

    This blessing can also be increased furthermore by Guardian's Favor, a tier 2 talent in the Protection tree, that reduces its cooldown by 60 sec for every talent point invested. You can put a maximum of 2 talent points to reduce its cooldown by 40%, **bringing it down from 5 min to 3 min.


    Now let’s talk about its uses in PvE. While questing, it can be used as an efficient* ‘oh shit’* button that will immune yourself or an ally from the damage of a boar or a wolf for example. On top of allowing you to get 6-10 secs of breathing room, depending on the rank, you will also avoid interruption while casting a healing spell or using your bandages, so those are 2 good things to do at the same time.

    But remember that it will not work against casters as the immunity is only against PHYSICAL damage. It can also be used to avoid fall damage if you are running from mobs or if you want to use a shortcut and jump down a cliff. Please note that it is important to have the buff on you when you hit the ground, because you can have it on you all the way from the top of the mountain, down to 1 yard off the ground, if it isn’t on you the moment you touch the ground, you’ll end up as a splatter of flesh and blood inside your mail or plate armor, ready to serve to an Undead player. Now if that is your goal, to resurrect at a nearby graveyard, then it is fine.

    But all in all, this blessing a great questing companion and should always be on your action bars and maxed out.

    It can also be used in dungeons to shield you or your allies from harm's way if there is an unsuspected pull or if the tank loses aggro on some mobs. What’s really cool about it is that, on top of the immunity, it drops all the threat of the target it is used on and therefore can be an efficient tool to negate the threat of a DPS that would start going balls deep too soon or your own threat as the healer for example. It can also be used to troll the tank by using it on him but just don’t tell anyone that I told you that!

    The only thing you need to be careful about is the Forbearance debuff if you use it on yourself. If you accidently use if on you and you are in a critical situation, you won’t be able to use your Divine Shield, the famous pally bubble, that prevents ALL damage for up to 12 sec. The same thing goes if you use it thinking that you will be taking physical damage, but end up taking magical damage, you can cock block yourself very easily.


    Now for PvP, this blessing is going to be efficient to immune a target against any high physical damage burst, such as a big bad Tauren Warrior just waiting to stomp your little cousin, who happens to be a Gnome. It can also prevent damage from a Rogue, a feral Druid, etc. The only thing is that the buff can be dispelled and is quite visible, so the Horde will easily see when a target has the immunity, so be careful about using it around Priests and Shamans. To get the most out of it, you will need to use it judiciously, because, like I said, if you use at the wrong time or against the wrong type of damage, you can easily turn the tide of a fight against your team, by wasting an important cooldown.

    Blessing of Freedom

    And now onto the Blessing of Freedom. This blessing is also available at low level, at level 18 to be exact, for 35s. This blessing will immune a party member from all movement impairing effects for 10 sec, and as always, will override the previous blessing that was on the target. And you only need to buy it once so you get the full potential of this blessing right away, so definitely buy it and put it on your action bar asap! It costs 10% of base mana, has a 30 yards range, is instant cast, has a 20 sec cooldown, has a 10 sec duration that can be increased by a talent, is categorized as a holy spell, doesn’t involve a mechanic and is a magical dispel type.

    Blessing of Freedom can be increased furthermore by Guardian’s Favor, that increases its duration by 3 sec per talent point invested, and you can put a total of 2, to extend the duration by 6 sec. And Guardian’s Favor is a vital talent to take as a healer or if you plan on PvPing as it affects both the blessings that we are discussing here. For Blessing of Freedom, it increases its uptime from 50%, so from a 10 sec duration for a 20 sec cooldown, to an 80% uptime, for a 16 sec duration for the same 20 sec cooldown; but that is if the buff isn’t dispelled or purged early obviously.


    Let’s now talk about its use in PvE: certain mobs in the world will use abilities that will give you a slow, similar to a Warrior’s Hamstring, and Tendon Rip is an example. On the database it says it's a 25% movement speed reduction, but on my server it is 80%, so the database probably refers to a weaker version, or one of the two’s got it wrong. But for the example’s sake, we’ll take the highest number.
    If you carefully pull 1-2 targets at the time and you know that you can handle them easily, then everything’s fine, being slowed by 80% isn’t a big deal, moreso if you are just sitting in front of the mob and auto attacking them, you don’t need to move much anyways. But in the case where you accidentally pull more mobs than you can handle, and you have a debuff that reduces your movement speed by 80%, you won’t run far before you’ll start getting dazed, having Tendon Rip reapplied and then finally dying. But if you take your loyal Blessing of Freedom, you’ll be able to run away and hopefully survive.

    And when I was fighting Chillwind Chimaeras in Wintersping, I noticed something interesting. So the Chimaeras’ basic attacks have a chance to chill you, reducing your movement speed by 30% and increasing the time between your attacks by 25% for 5 sec. Now if you already have the debuff on you and you use Blessing of Freedom, the debuff automatically disappears, so you don’t have the movement speed or attack speed reduction anymore. But if you* already have the blessing* on you, then the debuff can still be applied, but you will only be affected by the attack speed reduction, because the blessing prevents the 30% movement speed reduction.


    Now in PvP, Blessing of Freedom can be used in multiple different situations. The first one that comes to my mind is to make sure your flag carrier, whether it is you or someone else, doesn’t get snared or slowed all the time, pretty straight forward. If you are a Warrior’s pocket healer, he will love you. That blessing alone is super strong on warriors as it negates their main weakness: the lack of mobility. With that blessing on them, they will be able to catch up to those dirty Mages that normally keep them frozen and slowed all day, and deliver them what they really deserve, a juicy Mortal Strike critical strike right in the face! But like we said earlier, it is important to use it at the opportune moment, as otherwise it will get dispelled early and you will have to sit through the full cooldown without any benefits.

    I also want to point out something that is also important to increase your skills whether you will be doing PvE or PvP. Get to know what movement impairing effect can be dispelled with Cleanse, and those that can’t. For example, Cleanse can be used to remove the snare of a Frost Nova and the slow from a Frostbolt or Crippling poison for example, but it cannot remove the slow from Hamstring or Curse of Exhaustion, while Blessing of Freedom can take care of them all. If you see that a quick Cleanse can take care of the slow or the snare, then use that instead and keep your Blessing of Freedom for more dire situations where a longer immunity will be most needed.

    So that’s it for today, we hope we were able to shed light on the utility of those blessings in both PvE and PvP, and if you have any question, you can always ask me. The next video for this miniseries will be about the more common Blessing of Might, Wisdom and Light. So take it easy, check out our other videos and until next time, have a good one and stay blessed!

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