<MERCENARY> |US-PvP (RP-PvP if available)| EST [H] {PvE: 1 + PvP} (Business Casual)

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    <MERCENARY> - Horde | US-East | RP-PvP

    Focus- Experiencing the World of Warcraft while obtaining fortune and glory with a motley crew of hard lifes, lowlifes and no-lifes. If blizard does not launch classic with RP-PvP realms we will be rolling on whatever PvP realm the community decides is the unofficial NA RP-PvP realm. The PvP part is the most important part.

    Schedule- Raid time currently projected for every other week, Mon and Tues from 1930-2300. This lets us hit two raid lockouts and get back to PvP, farming, and general tomfoolery for the rest of the week.

    Loot- DKP

    Leadership- Last played retail in Cata. Adults with no tolerance for wasting the group's time

    Membership- Seeking people with a goals-based mindset who want to be in Azeroth to escape the overbearing culture of politics and memery that has invaded all of the internet this past decade. It does not matter if you are a MAGApede, a Hilldawg, a Bernout, a Fascist or a Communist. Can you get out of range of Rain of Fire and press buttons in something resembling the correct order? Fantastic, you're hired. Total noobs are allowed. Although leadership has extensive experience in private servers, expecting everyone to have played technically illegal copies of a 15 year old game is a stretch.

    Discord- https://discord.gg/BDbpfjq
    Come on by and say hi

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    I really hope there is an RP-PVP server.

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    I would really like to try out this game as it seems really interesting and entertaining nut first I need to get a strategic business plan made and found OGS capital. I read their reviews online and found them to be very positive so I gave them my requirement for a business plan.

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