Classic WoW Ragefire Chasm Mob Abilities | 3 Man Dungeon Meta

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    3 Man Dungeon Meta

    Whether your venturing into an underground oasis or conquering a haunted keep with 4 other adventurers, the dungeons in Vanilla WoW have provided a unique game play experience that has been loved and shared by millions of players over the games lifetime. With the introduction of Classic 15 years later and a fixed gaming experience in patch 1.12, the difficulty of 5 man dungeons will produce a different experience than we all remembered. In order to capture that sense of achievement and adventure again and highlight particular game design mechanics, I encourage you to grab a friend, or two, and journey into the nearest dungeon at your appropriate level.

    Benefits of running a 3 man group

    • Additional XP per kill
    • Less competition for loot
    • Heightened difficulty
    • Graysfordays competitive 3 man dungeon speed runs
    • Theorycraft the best Class & Talent 3 man group composition
    • Experience a new "PLAY MODE" / balance aggro / interrupt abilities / off-tank
    • Memorable gaming experience
    • Greater sense of achievement

    The information in this guide will continuously be updated so make sure to revisit this page for confirmed drop rates, NPC stats and 3 man boss encounter strategies.


    In order to ensure success in your 3 man group, here's a list of each mobs abilities. Be prepared to activate certain cooldowns, interrupts or items that will combat each encounter along the way.

    Boss Abilities
    Oggleflint Cleave
    Taragaman the Invoker Fire Nova, Uppercut
    Bazzalan Deadly Poison, Sinister Strike
    Jergosh the Invoker Immolate, Curse of Weakness

    Elite Mobs
    NPC Abilities
    Earthborer Earthborer Acid
    Molten Elemental None
    Ragefire Trogg Strike
    Ragefire Shaman Lightning Bolt, Healing Wave
    Searing Blade Cultist Curse of Agony
    Searing Blade Enforcer Shield Slam
    Searing Blade Warlock Shadow Bolt, Summon Voidwalker


    Boss Cloth Leather Mail Weapons Misc
    Taragaman the Hungerer Crystalline Cuffs Cursed Felblade Subterranean Cape
    Jergosh the Invoker Robe of Evocation Cavedweller Bracers Chanting Blade

    NPC Description



    <Insert 3 man strategy>
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    Taragaman the Hungerer

    <Insert 3 man strategy>
    alt text


    <Insert 3 man strategy>
    alt text

    Jergosh the Invoker

    <Insert 3 man strategy>
    alt text

    Elite Mobs


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    Molten Elemental

    alt text

    Ragefire Trogg

    alt text

    Ragefire Shaman

    alt text

    Searing Blade Cultist

    alt text

    Searing Blade Enforcer

    alt text

    Searing Blade Warlock

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