What is an e-Commerce website?

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    Online platforms that assist in transactions of goods and services via an online transfer of funds and information are known as e-commerce websites.

    Types of E-Commerce websites

    Based on the function they fulfill, e-commerce websites are categorized into C2B, C2C, B2B, B2C, and B2B.

    ● Consumer-to-Business (C2B)-

    When an individual offers products or services to businesses, transacting data through e-transactions is called the C2B business model. For example, a social media influencer agreeing to offer publicity to their online audience in exchange for a fee.

    ● Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)-

    E-transactions of goods and services occurring between one customer and another occurring often through a third party are known as the C2C model. An individual sells his old laptop by listing it on Olx or eBay to another individual/consumer.

    ● Business-to-Consumer (B2C)-

    Any type of electronic transaction of goods and services between businesses and consumers is recognized as a B2C transaction. For example, a customer buying a new mobile phone via an online store.

    ● Business-to-Business (B2B)-

    If electronic transactions of any kind of goods and services occur between two or more firms, it is known as the B2B business model. Generally, the goods included in this type of transaction are not of consumer use. For example, the company’s hardware accessories, company software, steel, etc.

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