NA | Warrior seeking Healer | Horde/Alliance | PvP | EST | Hardcore

  • Initiate

    I'm planning to go Horde Warrior (Tank at 60) but will consider Alliance if the person is a great fit. Looking for a healer ideally but could work with a rogue who is highly motivated. Healer preference is Shaman > Priest > Druid > Paladin. Planning to play 16 hrs per day for the first week of launch to get to 60. After hitting 60 I'll play an average of about 12 hrs per day to gear up in dungeons.

    Theorycrafting/practicing/optimizing our leveling route beforehand on private servers is mandatory to build our muscle memory and our cohesion as players. If you're interested hit me up here or on discord Morph#4209.

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