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    Hey what’s up guys, in today’s video, we’ll talk about alts. We’ve all heard that word and/or we’ve all made at least 1 alt in our World of Warcraft experience but did you know that an alt could have many different purposes? Today, we will go over the 5 main types of alts that you will most likely see or have in Classic WoW and what are the reasons to choose each type specifically.

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    For those who prefer to read, here is a summary:

    So to start off, we’ll just explain what is an alt, just so new players can understand right off the bat what it is. Well it is quite simple, it is another character, different from your main one, that you create to experience a different class, playstyle, role playing potential, etc. It can also be used for a more technical purpose, like we’ll talk about a little bit later. And the first type of alt that most of us have ever created:

    Second Charater:

    You enjoy playing classes with the same playstyle or you want to get access to other roles that you enjoy but that are not available to your main character.

    • This is probably the most common alt that we make as we’ve all had at least 2 characters at any point in time and it is also the first step that can lead to altoholism. We all like to experience something new every now and then, as it keeps the game fresh and entertaining. We all have our main that we love and cherish but it feels good to give it a break to play something different every once in a while.

    • Even playing the same role but with another class feels like a completely different experience. Eventhough Priests and Druids are both potent healers or Mages and Hunters are both good ranged DPS, the playstyle and skill cap, aren’t the same at all.

    • I personally recommend you to make at least 1 alt to experience a different role from what you usually play as it helps you become a better player. For example, if you main a DPS class, make a Healer or a Tank alt, that way you will understand threat and/or healing much better and it will in return make you a better skilled and more knowledgeable DPS and vice versa. And I would encourage you to have a tank as it is a lot of fun to play.

    • And it is not as hard to play as it might seem from someone who never played one before, and World of Warcraft is always in great need of good tanks, you will have plenty of job and never be on welfare!

    Leveling Alts (altoholism):

    You cannot play a class for more than 1 month before being bored or you simply enjoy the richness and the immersive experience of the leveling in the game.

    • Out of the many people I talked to in my past years of playing WoW, I’ve had only a few that told me that they always had many different characters to play with because playing the same faction or class for too long was boring to them or they couldn’t stick with a class long enough to get it high level or geared enough to enjoy all its potential.

    • I must say that I have been an altoholic in the past, when I first started playing the game in 2009, I wanted to play every. single. class. so I definitely get it, I had too many choices, and sometimes too much choice is like not enough, you don’t end up knowing what you really want.

    • But since I started playing the original WoW, I’ve been making friends and most of those who were or still are altoholics told me that they made so many characters because they enjoyed the leveling so much that they wanted to experience it from different points of view.

    • And let’s not forget the class quests that are brilliantly made, a distinctive mark of the past that can still show us, to this day, how much work has been put into the game, and they make us bond even more with our class.

    Bank Alts:

    You want multiple level 1 in Ironforge or Orgrimmar (because let’s face it, who just creates 1 bank alt?...) and their ONLY purpose is to carry the excessive loot that you cannot hold all by yourself in your bank.

    • This is one of the best ways to save or make gold in Classic as a bank alt can serve a double purpose: first off, it allows you to make money by giving you access to 24 additional bank slots free of charge, which is amazing, and more bag slots for a relatively small cost, and it is a well-known fact, being able to hold or carry more items translates into a bigger fortune.

    • Being able to stockpile important materials in advance and bring them out when they are in high demand is a great way to make tons of gold, and multiple bank alts can be very helpful with that. A good way to stay organized is to designate which alt will hold what and you can also name them in function of what it will be used for (Ores, Herbs, consumables, etc.)

    • A bank alt can also be used to save you money in a certain way. We’ve all been and will be in the situation where our bags are full and we are far from a capital city to check if certain items in our bags are worth more than their vendor price and we end up vendoring to save time.

    • Well an alternative to this is to simply send all the unnecessary items in your bags to your alt and sort it out on that alt, in the comfort of The Commons or the top of the Orgrimmar’s bank. With the auctioneers nearby, it is easier to check prices and take the right decision.

    • Personally that’s what I was doing every now and then before logging off, it is a nice casual task to do before going to bed or to work and it is encouraging to realize you had all that gold sitting in your mail.

    Profession Alts:

    You want to have access to more primary professions than the 2 that are available on your main

    • This is the main reason why I will be leveling my alt; having access to two more primary professions will greatly increase your capacity to generate gold or at the very least, allow you to be much more self sustainable.

    • Now there are 2 different ways you can go about it, with one that is better than the other. You could level an alt to have more gathering professions, which is a good way to make an additional stream of income, but in that case, you are obliged to level it to 60 if you want to farm high end nodes as the competition and the environment will play against you otherwise. You will either get bullied by the NPCs, or players of the opposite faction or you will simply get outrunned by players of your own faction with epic mounts. But there’s always the alternative to level your alt to, let’s say level 40 for example, and farm the Mithril in Alterac Mountains or any other lower level nodes, so keep that in mind.

    • But the best way to take advantage of your alt is to level it to level 35 and learn 2 more crafting professions, then decide if you want to level it further or not. That’s because level 35 is an important milestone because at that level, you can get access to the Artisan training of any profession, allowing you to increase your skills to 300; which is awesome for crafting professions as you can stay in town and level your skills peacefully. That also means that you can get much more value out of your gathering profession, whether you have one or two, on your main.

    • Let’s say you have Mining and Engineering, a very iconic and common combo, well you are limited to Engineering gadgets and you need to look for blacksmiths to get armor or weapon upgrades. Now if you choose Blacksmithing and Enchanting on your alt for example, then your Mining profession can be useful for both Engineering and Blacksmithing, and then you can disenchant your unwanted greens afterwards with Enchanting; that way you can choose professions that have a strong synergy together.

    • You don’t have to wait for a certain person to get online or for the delay of the mail associated with different accounts. Granted you will need to farm lower level resources to level Blacksmithing skills in that case, but it is definitely worth it in the end, as being able to craft your own high end gears can save you tons of time and money.

    • And the best part about it, is that you can choose the combination that suits you best and you don’t have to limit yourself to only 1 profession alt, you could technically have every single crafting profession if you desire.

    PvP Alts:

    Twink alt

    You enjoy PvP’ing at lower level as the meta is completely different and enjoy ripping apart undergeared/underleveled players in your bracket.

    • This is a very common practice amongst PvPers as it allows them to experience different aspects of the game’s PvP system. With battlegrounds not granting exp in Classic, it is easy to stay at the desired level as your only goal is to farm BG queues.

    • But be warned that it is a hefty task to fully twink a character, because, first you need to chose your twink level and reach it; normally it is 19, 29, 39, etc. so you are always at the top of the bracket; having a twink is all about stacking that cheese. Then you need to research what are your BiS for that level and the best enchants, consumables, etc. and gather all that.

    • But once everything is completed though, be prepared for some next level seal clubbing, because the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

    Ganking alt

    *Your main isn’t (or actually is) a Top Tier ganking class and you want another character whose only purpose is to feed on the salty tears of your enemies; bonus point if you pick an Undead, a Gnome or a Rogue. *

    • Now I’d be ready to bet that anybody watching the video remembers that son of a b**** who kept ganking them in Redridge, Hillsbrad, Stranglethorn or anywhere else and I’d even be ready to bet that you even remember that rascal’s name.

    • The whole point of this alt is to station it in a contested area that is rather low level, and just kill any member of the opposing faction that you see, over, and over, and over. Killing NPCs is also a common practice because, even if you escape the torment, you cannot turn in quests, pick up new ones; and it’s even worse if the Flight Master is also dead; there is no quick way to escape the zone.

    • For some people, it entertains them, I personally don’t understand the reasoning behind that, but at the same time I’m more the type of dude to help, at level 60, a level 20 Tauren Druid complete a quest than gank him but that’s completely at the other end of the spectrum, so my manners could also be criticized I guess.

    • And it is also a way to accomplish dirty deeds without tarnishing your reputation, as not many people might know that this annoying little Gnome Rogue, for example, is yours.

    So that’s it for this video, we hope you liked it and that it will guide you in your decisions to make one or more alts when Classic finally hits. Classic will come soon enough, we just have to be patient for about 53 more days before we can dive back into this amazing game, so until next time, have a good one, and stay blessed!

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    I was thinking of leveling multiple shaman to try to avoid respec costs. Having a second shaman for different PvE rolls could be interesting. Gonna be hell to try to gear all of them up. But it could extend the life of the game as well.

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