Classic WoW Urban Legends

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    Let's start off easy:

    -All the reasons Onyxia uses Deep Breath more

    Easily Disproved:

    -Placing any item in the final slot of a Bottomless Bag would allow it to stack infinitely

    Still believed today:

    -Ashbringer was available in original WoW by fishing in EPL
    -There are hidden tiger and panther mount vendors only accessible by wall jumping and getting into hidden caves


    -It is impossible to not sit in the throne after a BRD Emperor run
    -If your main tank needs the Garr binding but is not home from work yet, sit there and punch him for 30 minutes until he logs in and gets to Garr (this is how my guild got our 1st Thunderfury!)!

    Sorry/not sorry:

    -Ret Paladins
    -Prot Paladins
    -Balance Druids

    Personal Favorite:

    Spam whispering a healer and following him around will get you heals after you just stole the healer's named quest mob.

    What else do people still believe?

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    I had a friend swear that he go to the Ironforge landing strip in 2005. He couldn't ever prove it with screenshots, but it did always make me wonder.

  • @Boom762 i got into the cave on the cliff between mulgore and barrens in BC. always wondered what was in there and i was sorely disappointed

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    @Turanka I'mnot familiar with that cave. What's it for?

  • @Boom762 it can be seen from the zeplin between org and TB or the FP. theres literally nothing in there and its purely an aesthetic design for the flight path

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    @Turanka I forget where I heard this (I THINK it was the in dev diary) but the original WoW team stated they put stuff like that just so it was not boring to ride flight paths, such as the dragon fighting the dwarves.

    No game before WoW had automated flight paths and it was actually said to be impossible by the EQ design team during a WoW presentation at a panel back in 2003.

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    One of those places would also be the little camp next to the river when flying from IF to SW. Always looked like a cool place to be, but looks impossible to get to. Do you guys know anything about Newman's Landing?

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