<TRGGRD WRNNG> (Thunderfury - US - West Coast Time) [Alliance - Hardcore]

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    A TBC oriented HC guild directed by 2 proven top Guild Masters (one being a Vanilla-TBC GM with a pre-nerf M'uru kill and realm's first KJ - images at our Discord).

    We are currently assembling our 25 (+2) core raider squad, seeking for the best and most driven gamers only (orange parsers+, capable of performing the TBC mechanics with fluid communication and teamwork). We've got some heavy weights willing to join when the time comes and hence you're not required to drop your current guild until TBC is finally out.

    [Goals] - To be the realm's top guild and top 20 NA, while having a strong and united community, with a atmosphere on which everyone can have a good time.
    [Values] - Respect for the individual, the will to push boundaries (both individually and collectively), and supportiveness among the pack.

    [Looting Distribution] - Consists of a Open Council (full explanation at our Website and Discord)
    [Raiding Times] - Tuesday + Thursday 6 pm

    Currently at 18/25, we're accepting appliances from exceptional:
    (Submit even if your spec is currently unavailable)

    1 - [Druid] Bear
    1 - [Druid] Tree
    1 - [Hunter] BM
    1 - [Priest] Holy
    1 - [Priest] Chadow
    1 - [Shaman] Elemental
    1 - [Warlock] Destruction

    You can reach me for an interview - it's goal is to clarify any questions while addressing if there's a perfect match between guild's and recruit's goals and expectations.
    More about our guild's staff and policies at our Website and Discord - feel free to check us out, to submit your application, and even to hang as a visitor.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/GjyuW2k9Qv
    Website: https://tw.guildtag.com
    Appliances: https://tw.guildtag.com/apply

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