10 AWESOME Items to pick up while leveling in Classic WoW

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    In this video I will show 10 items that you should try to pick up while leveling in Classic WoW.
    There are many unique and intresting items in classic that you can pick up long before you reach max level, and many of these are often overlooked and forgotten because you get them so early on.
    Some of these items are very powerful and others are more flavourful and fun.

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    The First on the list is bag of marbles, you get this as a reward for completing the quest "Gold Dust Exchange in elwynn forest.
    Because you get it so early most people don't think much about it, they just use it on some random mob or sell it to the vendor.
    The thing that makes this item unique is that it works on bosses. Yes, you heard me, you can use this on Onyxia for example and she will miss 25% of her attacks.
    If several people have it you can keep chaining the debuff, but you can't stack it.
    The problem is of course that this item can only be used once and you can only get one per character, so use it wisely.
    As a funny side note, bag of marbles worked on raid bosses through all of vanilla an TBC, and there are reports of people using it on bosses like Brutallus in sunwell to cheese the fight. it wasn't until WOTLK when blizzard took notice and nerfed it to only work on lower level mobs.

    Second item is FIshliver Oil. You aquire 5 of these as a reward for completing the quest "Selling Fish" in Redridge Mountains.
    It increases your attackspeed by 10% for 30sec. These should be saved in your bank and used when trying to push for new dps records in raids,
    with a 30 second duration it will add a nice boost to your damage.

    Aquired as a quest item during a long quest chain in Ashenvale called "Raene's Cleansing" you will temporarily get this item as a part of the quest.
    If you complete the quest you will loose the rod, so it's recommended not to complete this chain so you can keep the rod forever.
    It will transform you into a furbolg for 3 minutes, unfortunately it does break on damage, but it has lower cooldown then duration so you can keep it up if you are not in combat.

    As a paladin or priest it also have another cool use for PvP. If you are fightning another player who has a spell interrupt you can start using the rod, your hands will start to glow yellow the same as if you were casting a holy healing spell.
    This can easily trick the opponent into using their interrupt on you if they are fast on the trigger,
    you can then freely cast your heals without being worried.

    Also from a quest in ashenvale, this one-time one-use only item is probably one of the most insane items in all of vanilla.
    When activated it will make you completely immune to all damage and negative spells while still being able to attack and cast spells like normal.
    This should be saved for a very special moment, maybe for when you are the last man standing and the boss is at 1% or when fightning in a huge world PvP battle over a world boss.

    Aquired from the elite quest "Morbent Fel" in Duskwood, this item is more Paladin specific.
    Paladins are quite uniqe in the sense that they don't have any range tagging abilites or spells except from holy shock/exorcism which are very situational. This offhand gives you the possibility to tag mobs at 30y range and apply a small debuff.
    Becuase its in the offhand slot you can immediately change back to your normal weapon after using it. The only problem is that when you equip the torch it's on a 30 sec cd so you have to equip it in advance.

    This is not a quest reward but I figured it would fit into this list. Looted from a rare mob called Prince Nazjak in Arathi highlands this trinket will give you a 3 second on-demand 30y range stun on a 15min cooldown. This is amazing for pvp for all classes and you can bet this naga will be camped almost constantly after the first few weeks, if you happen to find him while leveling don't waste your shot at getting this trinket early on.

    Movement speed is a big deal in classic for many classes, and this trinket aquired in Badlands from the quest "This is going to be Hard" will give you a 40% movement speed buff for 10 seconds. Unfortunately it's on a 30 minutes cooldown, but definitely worth saving if you are serious about PvP.

    You probably heard about this item recently, it's been all over the classic beta and PvP montages. Mostly used for pvp it gives skilled players an amazing advantage being able to remove many types of cc and get a huge movement speed increase. To get this item you fist need to do a quest in Uldaman and then a follow up chain that takes you around Azeroth.
    A must have for serious PvPers!

    This iconic trinket is rewarded for killing the summable boss Gahz'Rilla in Zul'Farrak.
    It's a trinket that increases your mount speed by 3%, it may seem insignificant but in the long run it adds up. It's also one of the first trinkets you get in classic so it's nice to fill out that trinket slot with something. If you want to use this trinket to it's maximum potentional you should make a macro that equips this trinket every time you use your mount, and then swaps back when you dismount.

    Reward from killing 20 Incendosaurs in Searing Gorge, this trinket will remove any bleed effect on the user. Mostly used for PvP and duels against rogues and warriors.
    It's nice to remove bleeds to be able to use bandage in duels for example, or if you are a rogue if you need to remove a bleed to restealth.
    In PvE it has limited potential since there aren't many bosses or dangerous monsters with bleeds, and if they do they can just reapply it shortly after you removed it.