PvE Night Elf Power Leveling Group for Classic Release

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    I'm looking to power level in a group of five night elves on a PvE server. Ideally it would be a warrior, rogue, druid, hunter, priest group. I'm going to be the warrior and I'll be leveling prot. The strat would be to go teldrassil --> darkshore --> westfall/redridge --> grind VC --> finish redridge --> duskwood/wetlands --> grind gnomer --> STV/Arathi Highlands or Southshore --> grind SM --> finish STV --> Badlands/Hinterlands --> grind Uldaman --> Tanaris --> grind ZF --> burning steppes/searing gorge --> grind BRD --> Ding 60.

    The benefits of this comp is to stay mobile as much as possible. Pull and kill on the move and be efficient with time and xp generation rate. We will be killing anything and everything in our path as long as it gives xp.

    As for professions, I'm going herb/alch, I think the priest being tailor/skinner, the rogue and hunter going skinner/LW with the hunter going dragonscale and the rogue going primal. The druid will go enchanter and miner with the intent of selling all ore during leveling to help supply gold for mounts/skills. Three skinners just makes it efficient to get the skins from the tons of beasts we will be killing throughout Azeroth. Extra leather stacks will also be sold to help fund mounts/skills.

    I've got a lot of experience with both vanilla and private servers and I think this is the best way to level. You basically just treat all of Azeroth as a five man dungeon. Keep pulling, keep killing, keep moving. Let me know if you're interested.

    Bnet: rockledge223#1988
    Discord: rockledge#1160

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