NA l 5 Man Dungeon leveling need ONE DPS WARRIOR l Alliance l PvP l Casuel/Semi-hardcore

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    Our group plan is dungeon leveling. Schedule is playing the first 3 days hard core playing 15 hours a day, Then playing 7 to 8 hours a day after that tell we are 60. Its me and 2 of my friends. one of our guys are doing two accounts. He is doing 2 priests. He will spec into spirit tap on both then wand spec. We found one warrior with our comp is just what we need. It is great for you due to getting free blues as you level and a "pocket healer" for the whole time we play(warriors dream) We have a discord we will be using.

    Post here and I will check back.

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    Hey just seen your post, hit me up at Corey#6648

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