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    Pre-hotting in Classic WoW can be a great way to get a leg up on incoming damage as a healer. This video explains how and when pre-hotting generates threat and puts you in combat! I hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two:


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    These are the rules we found through our testing:

    1. Pre-hotting another player does NOT put the healer in combat UNLESS the healer attacks the target or heals that other player when they are in combat.

    2. IF a player pre-hots themselves while they are out of combat, those hots will start to accrue threat when the enter combat if they are not overhealing themselves. This is important for druid tanks.

    3. Prehots placed by a healer on a player out of combat will start to accrue threat, WHEN that player enters combat under some placeholder name. IF the hot is still active when the healer enters combat, the threat is then transferred to the healer.

    4. IF a healer is in combat, they CANNOT drag another player who is out of combat, into combat by healing them

    5. IF you, as the healer, are in combat with a different mob than your party member, pre-hots casted by you on that player will NOT generate threat under your name on the mobs they are in combat with UNLESS you also enter combat with those mobs.


    There are two very important caveats we need to discuss:

    1. When your party is in a dungeon or raid.

    2. And, when your party is in a raid fighting a boss.

    In a dungeon, when fighting ANY mob, and when you are in a raid fighting trash, as soon as someone enters combat, you and the rest of your party can also be flagged for combat even though you didn't do anything yet. This is due to proximity to players that are in combat. Because of this, pre-hotting in these circumstances is trickier. If you want to do it, make sure you have a considerable distance between you, your party members, and the mobs.

    When fighting a raid boss, as soon as one person in your raid enters combat, the whole raid does. This means that pre-hotting is generally NOT a good idea in these circumstances unless your raid knows you are doing it and the tank and DPS create enough threat to push your healing threat down on the threat table of the boss. Use caution and discretion when pre-hotting in these scenarios.

    For Tanks

    • Head pulling gathers mobs attention but the tank effectively has NO THREAT and misses, dodges, and likely resists will pull off the tank.
      • Give your tank a few moments before engaging!
      • Head-pulling really is never a good idea. Use ranged weapons and abilities to pull mobs.

    General Threat Guide

    If you are still hungry for more information about how threat is generated by all classes and roles in WoW: Classic, make sure to check out Taladril's Guide, here on or watch Melderon's Threat Guide video:

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