Choosing the wrong server to get the right raid times?

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    I played WoW in 2004, but never got to the endgame content and didn't really experience being in a guild with goals. I play light's hope now and will be playing Classic as soon as it opens up. I am in between responsibilities and the timing is perfect to allow me to give my full attention to the game; however, I work 11pm-7am Central -6 time. I know that most guilds raid after 7pm and that a raid can last five hours give or take.

    With raiding being my main carrot-on-the-stick, should I roll on an EU/Russian server (exactly 12 hours opposite) so I can do raids when I get off from work every morning? Are there any problems with playing on a server from the other side of the planet?

    I'd like to know in advance so I can get my toons setup in August 12th and be well prepared.

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    Im in the same boat. Not really sure what to do. You work weekends? can always find a caual gulding that just does couple times a week on weekends

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    I work different days each week. I wish I didn't because I could always ask for raid nights off. I keep thinking of the pros and cons of this.

    Pros -

    • I get those perfect raid times
    • I might learn from/of new cultures from the player bases (India, Russia, Eastern block countries)

    Cons -

    • The language barrier, and it hurting my chances of raiding/guilding. Although many countries learn English, they may not want to have to use it when in their downtime.
    • American identity hurting reputation, if there are any people who feel poorly towards Americans.
    • Latency = Playing on Light's Hope which is seven hours away, My latency is usually 145-165ms. Perhaps a server in India would be much greater?
    • Possible security/login issues? I'm wondering if Blizzard charges a Texas bank and sees the player logging in another country, if it wouldn't put temporary holds on my account all the time for risk management.

    I would be okay with a casual guild probably, but I am basically making WoW my job for a few weeks into opening. Competing with 300-500 people for gear with either DKP or Council would be very difficult if I can only make it to one or two raids every couple of weeks. I just don't want to end up with one or two 60's that are stuck on a server that keeps me from ever getting the full benefit and experience of Scholo, Naxx, BLW, Etc.

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    I cant speak for other guilds, but I don't think you need to worry about language and people's attitude to American cousins.
    As an EU guild, we have an East Coast US officer, who also raids with us because it suits her work patterns. As long as you avoid the French/German/Italian etc servers you will find all speak good English. The English EU servers are generally populated with people from UK, Scandinavia, East Europe and their English is always good.

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    I've been researching server locations for retail and I think I have a conclusion. I'll make my main and first alt on a +7 timezone PVP server ( Thailand is the correct time, but I think closest server option is EU) and one copy of my main on one of the Dallas, TX servers PVP. If either of them give me problems as far as raid times and latency go, I'll just bite the bullet and roll on a Dallas PVE server and not worry about racing through it. After watching server population levels for a week, I may just throw out a /2 and ask which guilds have a lot of active members on at the times I need.I think I am officially ready for classic, now.

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    Don't bother about the attitude towards America. There aren't many people who think that way, and from those people even fewer would held that against a gamer.

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