One Discord For All PvP Realms (US)

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    The Ultimate Discord Server For All PvP Realms (US)

    This discord server is dedicated to all the official World of Warcraft Classic PvP realms listed in United States. (This is not a guild discord)

    Hello, I have prepared this discord server for WoW Classic. There are many things you can with this discord. A few things about this discord are...

    1. You can view chat history and see past guild recruitment, search items by name, or group for a dungeon.
    2. Slow Mode is active to prevent spam.
    3. Horde and Alliance have segregated chat channels. Horde players will only view Horde chats channels. Alliance players will only view Alliance chats channels (you can’t see both specific faction chat channels at the same time. We only allow two Cross-Faction channels per realm).
    4. We allow players to easily trade with the opposite faction through our Cross-Faction channels.
    5. This discord is like in-game chat but better organized with channels, and much easier to use when finding a guild during WoW Classic.
    6. Our #πŸ“œaddons-macros-guides channel is a great resource for achieving things in-game.
    7. Win free goodies by participating in our #🎁giveaways channel.
    8. You can count on our discord server to be your "go-to" for WoW Classic.

    Make sure to visit the #πŸ‘‰welcome channel to accept our discord rules and have further access to our discord channel including access to our giveaways. Need to know more about this discord? Then, please contact us in #πŸ“žsupport channel.

    Starting July 17th, 2019 - visit #πŸ“’announcements channel, and enter a giveaway for a free World of Warcraft Game Time - 30 Days. Giveaway ends July 31, 2019. You can save the 30 days game time for WoW Classic! Two winners will be selected. Please read the rules before entering the giveaway (they are simple).

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