What's everyone's least favorite zone (and why)?

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    Sorry to copy your post Melderon, but it inspired me.
    As I was trying to think of my favorite zone, the first 1 things that popped in my mind was my least favorite zone.

    So my least favorite zone has to be Stranglethorn vale (pre 50). It is a zone you can't hardly skip, and is packed with people who are (much) higher level than you. I am all in favor for PVP, but SV is the first time everyone is really experiencing it without a choice and where you experience a holdup in your progression while leveling.

    On top of it, it is a zone hard to skip, and has quite some important quests so you really can't seem to get around it.

    I do like SV when I am getting higher level because it is a zone where pvp is always happening. Going in for the arena chest and having lots of fun or helping people out that are getting stuck because one site is camping Nessingway. And who couldn't like the cocky green guys?

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    Shameless plug for https://classicwow.live/atlas for checking out all the zones if you need a refresher!

    I would have to vote for Stonetalon Mountains just doesn't do it for me, and not just because it is the only zone I actually like better in Cata with the faction war scenario. I have something I like about most zones, be it the looks, the lore, the quest flow, or just cool farming spots, this zone really just feels empty since I was always Alliance.

    Dun Morogh is definitely another one I am not too fond of, and although Wetlands used to be, since leveling here in beta I started to like it a little better.

    Quest wise, the Hinterlands, hands down! Alliance get completely shafted when it comes to utilizing the troll areas (not least of all because horde get https://classic.wowhead.com/item=19120/rune-of-the-guard-captain and alliance have nothing similar)

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    Cool Dark, to piggyback on your plug, could you make it so that the lvl-range is viewable before clicking on the map you want to know it of?
    Ooh and of course For the Horde! 😉

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